An hour later I checked to see what my dad was doing

I peeked in the crack of the bedroom door and he was sleeping

I packed my bags and left

I took the metro to Gavin's place

I couldn't stay home any longer

I knocked the door

He opened it

I Immediately hugged him

We sat down on the couch and I told him everything from Jackie to my parents

"I'm sorry" he said as he put his arm around me pulling me closer

I looked at the tv as BREAKING NEWS flashed across the screen

Stephanie's and Trey's picture appeared on the screen

I grabbed the remote to turn up the volume and moved closer to the screen

"We're here at the crime scene of Stephanie Stewart and Trevon's apparent they were killed by two unnamed drug dealers who are now in custody....Stephanie Stewart was 14 weeks pregnant but the paramedics were unsuccessful..."
Everything around me began to silence as tears welled up in my eyes

Gavin muted the tv and came over to me

I burst into tears

An hour later

I sat on the couch staring at the food on the coffee table Gavin made for me but I couldn't eat

My head was pounding

"You need to eat" Gavin said as he sat next to me

I shook my head

He pulled me closer

I kissed him

We kissed for a long time until I felt tears prickle down my face

"Make me feel better" I whispered touching his cheek

He looked at me confused then he realized what I wanted

We began kissing heavy while I ran my hands through his silky and he carried me to his bedroom

He laid me on the bed and began to strip me until I was completely named

My heart was racing the whole time

He took his shirt off and then his pants

"Are you sure?" he asked

I nodded

before I knew it we were both naked

He rolled on a condom

He slowly entered himself into me and I winced at the sudden pain maybe I wasn't ready for this but at this point I could even talk I felt my body stiffen up

"Relax" he whispered in my ear

Why was I so nervous? God Ava stop thinking too much

I inhaled and exhaled

"You ok?"he asked

I nodded

He kissed me

I don't even know what time I went to sleep

But I woke up sprawled out on the bed butt ass naked. Gavin wasn't next to me

I tried to move but my body was sore

I laid in bed for a couple of minutes to recollect what happened last night

I heard children laughing and debated whether I should go see or not

I carefully got out of bed and put some clothes on

I saw a little blond girl playing dolls
And a another one just walking around with toys in her hand

Gavin was in the kitchen preparing something

"Good Afternoon" he said

"Wow afternoon?" I said

"Yeah.Your phone was going off"

"Oh thanks" I said grabbing my phone

Missed calls
Dad x14
Mom x20
Jessie x6

"Shit" I murmured

"Where have you been?!" My mom yelled over the phone

"I'm fine that's all that matters" I said quietly

"Your Father called me saying you weren't in the house"

I was quiet

"Ava Desiree Williams! I know you hear me!"

"Mom I'm fine" I repeated my voice breaking, then hung up

Gavin put the breakfast in front of me

I shook my head "I'm fine"

"You're lying"

"No I'm not...I just can't eat right now"

We made our way back to the living room

"Vivian this is Ava" Gavin said

Vivian looked up from her dolls and examined my face and said hi

"Hi" I smiled and waved

"And this Rugrat is Beth" Gavin said scooping up the toddler and tickling her

I smiled but it slowly disappeared

When I saw Stephanie and Treys faces flash across the screen once again

Gavin quickly turned off the TV

"You don't need that right now get dressed lets go" he said

I narrowed my eyes "What?"

"Get dressed We're leaving in five minutes" he said as he picked up Beth and leading Vivian out the door

We went to the aquarium

It was calming. Vivian and Beth were ecstatic seeing all the sea animals.
I kissed Gavin on his cheek "Thank you"

"Anything for you" he said kissing my forehead

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