54.2: because he always loved you

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Author's pov:

Aayat was sitting in her chair, as the files were opened before her. The tension on her face evident as she thought deeply about the case. She was currently looking at one of the files, in which the list of all the visiting staff as well as other people was there of the same day that Aayat had got the clip of.

And as she read through the names, her eyes stopped at a particular entry. It was the name that had the strength of stopping her heart and breaths at the same time, it was name of Mahir.

Mahir has been a visiting doctor on this hospital and so his name to be there was only natural.

An automatic smile broke on her lips slightly, but it was immediately followed by a frown, realising that she hasn't told him about this case yet. But the reason she hasn't told him about it till now beside having no time was that somewhere in her heart she was afraid of how he will react to this after knowing that she is fighting a sensitive case against the person whom he considers as a mentor.

Sure she was standing besides the truth and only doing what she had pledged to do, but still her heart was hesitant to just break this news to him. What if he would be hurt? Hurt that she hid this from him for such a long time.

But than, a voice came from her heart,
Surely he would be hurt for a moment, but the Mahir that you have come to know, understands you more than you do yourself. He will understand this too.

She nodded to herself and than closed her eyes as she than said to herself,
'its time that I tell him this myself as sooner or later this case will get exposed to public. It's better that I be the one to break this to him.
Oh Allah, help me with this.'

And than she opened her eyes, only to find Sila who had come to the room just now, starred at her.

"You're here." Aayat said awkwardly.

Sila nodded and than said mischievously,
"I am. But I wonder about whom were you thinking."

Aayat's eyes grew bigger as she said,
"Sila! Where is the workplace decorum!"

Sila stifled her chuckle as she said,
"Sorry sorry.."

She than settled on her place while Aayat asked,
"So, where's Ahmed uncle?"

Sila kept her bag to the side as she said,
"He will be here soon now. I had called him on the way."

"Good" Aayat said and than continued,
"I hope that with the help of these photos Ahmed uncle is able to recognise the potential witness."

Sila nodded.

After a few minutes a knock on the door was done. Sila opened the door and Ahmed came in saying salaam.

Aayat and Sila replied to it and than offered him to take a seat.

Ahmed did so. The old man was looking weaker than usual. Dark circle around his eyes, his face pale and his voice sounding lower than usual.

"Uncle, how are you? Are you taking care of yourself?" Aayat said with concern.

Ahmed smiled politely as he replied...
"I am I guess.. don't worry beta."

Aayat took a sigh as she looked unconvincingly at his state. None the less she said,
"Okay uncle. Here are the records of all the entries of that day along with the photos of the doctors visiting there on that day. Please have a look."

Sila forwarded the files towards Ahmed, and than as Ahmed nodded, he took the file in his hands. With hopeful eyes, staring at them silently praying for this to be it. He than looked at the two ladies present in the room who assuringly nodded to encourage him to go ahead.

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