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"TODAY is a beautiful day." Bora sang as she skipped up to the school building waving and greeting the other students as they watched her in awe.

"Ahhh Jookyung!" Bora yelled as she jumped on the taller girl almost making them both trip. Jookyun's eyes are wide as Bora giggled looking over at her friend she stopped "Oh no Jookyung are you bleeding."

"B-Bleeding?" Joolyung brought a finger up and rubbed under her nose bringing it down to see she cussed. "ahh that jerk." Bora raised an eyebrow amused "You know Jookyung lipstick goes on your lips, not under your nose." Jookyung blushed looking down.

"Welp I'm off to go find my lovely Soojin bye-bye." but before Bora could take another step something from the side of her eye caught her attention, she looked over In disbelief.

"He still has it?" Bora mumbled to herself as she stared at the black bike a foreign feeling in her chest. the short girl shook her head getting rid of all the unwanted thoughts and memories of the past as she made her way into the school's building.

stepping into the building Bora was met face-first to a hard surface being pushed off balance she started to fall backward. A hand wrapped around her waist to catch her she was greeted to the eyes of Seojun.

Seojun looked down at Bora with an annoyed look before fully pulling her up then pushing her away. "You should watch where you going." Seojun spoke coldly, Bora flustered smoothed her skirt down fixing her appearance. "please I was watching where I was going maybe you should start to be aware of your surroundings." Bora responded crossing her arms.

"Yah! It's not my fault your too short for anyone to notice you." He hissed glaring back at her. "Han Seojun! I was in a good mood today! your face is running it!" Bora was now walking down the hallway with a fuming Seojun on her tail. "Min Bora who gives you the right to speak to me like that huh? did you leave your manners back in America like how you did with the rest of your hight."

Bora turned around sharply making Seojun come to a stop the taller boy gulped as he watched her, her glare daggers into him, sure Bora might be smaller than the average teenage high school girl but when she was angry she was anything but small. Seojun learned that the hard way upon their first meeting, a meeting he would never forget. "What's going on here?" Turning her head a big smile filled Bora's face "Soojin-ah." Seojun scoffed at how fast her mood changed.

Soojin smiled down at Bora as she wrapped her arm around hers "Are you bothering Bora Seojun? Honestly, she just got back and you're already bullying her." Soojin spoke calmly looking at him. "Please who would want to waste their time on someone like that." Seojun scoffed purposely bumping shoulders with Bora as he made his way to the classroom

"Yah! Han Seojun!" Soojin yelled after him, not liking the way he just treated her best friend. "Soojin it's fine, Just leave him. He's not worth our time." Bora smiled despite the pained feeling in her chest.

"Okay, But if he bothers you again call me, I'll knock some sense into that jerk." Soojin smiled. "wow, so cool of you Soojin. Why won't you go out with me huh?" Bora laughed as Soojin instantly got flustered "You can't just say things like that min Bora."

"Why not Soojin? I'm being dead serious we'd make a cute couple." Bora giggled as Soojin started walking off extremely flustered.


Math class was Min Bora's specialty so you really couldn't blame the girl for cringing when Jukyung got called up to a problem, and when she looked over at Shuo's for help Bora giggled a bit. Jukyung was very pretty but dumb when it comes to educational purposes.

"Min Bora and Han Seojun must know the answers. You two come over here and solve it." The teacher said causing everyone to look at the two. Seojun pretends to fall asleep as Min Bora pretends to solve a problem.

"That won't work on me. Come on." Laughs filled the room as the two stood up at the same time pouting Jukyung gave them both thanks to only receive two glares.

"I can't believe this." Bora mumbled picking up the chalk. "I don't know why you're complaining, You are like a math genius." Seojun whispered to Bora as he picked up the chalk staring at the math problem like it was a different language.

Bora started to wright away on the bord solving the problem like it was nothing the teacher watched her impressed. Seojun looked over at Bora's problem than at his "Yah Bora, help me out okay?" Seojun whispered looking at the girl with pleading eyes. she stared at him for a good minute

"Why should I?" Bora said as she continued to finish up her problem. "Because I'll buy you that ice cream cake you love so much that we got on our date." Seojun answered quickly not noticing the words that fell from his mouth.

Bora froze. "Date? did he just say date?" turning over she stared up at Seojun with disbelief. "So you're only nice to me when I benefit you? What a jerk." Bora slammed her chalk down and walked away leaving behind a stunned Seojun and a perfectly done math equation.

When the bell rang Bora quickly got up making her way out of the classroom "What's wrong with her?" Jukyung asked as she watched Bora walkout. "It's probably because of Seojun." Sooah said as she stood in front of the other girl's desk. "Why?" Jukyung asked curiously.

Soojin glared at Seojun

As Bora was grumbling through the hallway ignoring the strange looks she received from other students the girl failed to take notice of a finger fastly approaching her,

"Sorry." Bora looked up to see Suho. Suho looked down and mentally cursed he just bumped into the one person he was desperately trying to avoid. "It seems like I just keep bumping into you two huh? why is faith so cruel to me." Bora mumbled as she stood up on her own patting down her skirt.

Suho ignored her and moved to the other side attempting to walk away from her but she stopped him grabbing onto his arm making him look back with an annoyed look on his face, that pissed Bora off even more it was bad enough that she was upset over the incident in math class with Sejun now she has to deal with a jerky cold Suho.

"You know it's rude to just walk off after bumping into someone? Honestly, where are your manners." She looked him up and down not liking the new exterior he gives off. Suho rolled his eyes. "I don't have time for you." He mumbled forcefully moving his arm out of the short girl's grip.

"What happened to you Suho?" Bora spoke out loud, loud enough for him to hear her, Suho stopped in his tracks filled with guilt he knew that Bora didn't deserve this behavior from him the two used to be best friends close like brother and sister to be cold to her after not seeing her in what felt like years was shutting him

truth be told when bora walked into the classroom he wanted nothing more but to sweep her off her feet into a big hug and never let go, Bora was his comfort person his sane place always there for him when he need her and didn't need her.

That's why the next words he spoke pained him more than it pained her. "Min Bora why don't you go back to America? why did you even bother showing your face none of us want you here, do us all a favor and go back to where you came from." Bora watched him walk away as her vision blurred and her face got hot.

Suho knew he went too far but he couldn't let her in, not anymore what they once were was in the past and things would be better if they stayed that way. He knew if he let her in he would hurt her kill her just like how he did with him, every time Shuo looks at Bora he sees him he just can't bear it.

Suho doesn't care if he becomes painted as the villain in Bora's story, If anything he's grateful for that it will make her stay away, and the farther they are from each other the better.

Min Bora should have never come back.

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