28// Tori

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Sitting in Tess's and Ray's diner, my thoughts in overdrive. I'm thinking maybe I should have kept my big mouth shut, this morning about the odd vibe I got from officer Murphy.

And honestly, it wasn't until the night the flash drive and the cameras were found that the odd feeling began.

It was simply weird that night he seemed so calm, like the thought of a killer being feet apart from him wasn't an issue, he wasn't on alert like Derek was or how even Officer Lopez was.

And the words he said to me that night" It's going to be okay Tori...it will be over soon I'm sure off it" It just seemed out of place and an odd thing to say.

It wasn't until a few days later, that I even remembered what he said to me.

I don't know maybe I'm just being silly, but Grace once told me that if something felt odd, if you got a bad vibe about a person then don't ignore it.

"How are you holding up sweetheart?" snaping out of my thoughts as I hear Tess's voice, looking up at her when I called her to tell her I was popping in, she insisted on shutting the diner for an hour, so I could come in, she's even more protective than Derek.

As of right now, the only people in this place are me, her, Officer Lopez, Levi, and Ray is in the back office. 

"I'm hanging in there Tess" I replied to her, the best I can under the circumstances.

"I just can't believe this, River-Cove has always been such a peaceful town. And now there's missing girls, you have a stalker. It's hard to stomach".

"Derek thinks it all started with me that last summer, I was here."

"That was around seven years ago, wasn't it?" Levi asks me, from behind the counter, throwing my eyes to him curiously.

"Yeah, it was, why do you ask?"

"That was the summer I moved here-;" He started to say, and I narrowed my eyes at him, so did Officer Lopez who I know is listening to this conversation.

"Are you trying to confess something here Levi?" I say to him, his eyes go wide in fear and miss understanding, before shaking his head at me.

"No...no way. I just meant that for the first few weeks here, I spent observing the town and it's people" he said.

"Jesus boy explain it better, even I think you sound creepy now" Tess snapped at her nephew.

"I wasn't the only new person to move to River-Cove that summer, when school started that year, there was two new students along with me" He explained.

Taking in his words, so that summer there was three new people who moved to River-Cove, one of them was Levi who I really don't think is behind this.

But that opens up two new suspects who were around when it all began.

"Can you remember their names? If there still in River-Cove?" I ask him.

"No sorry, but I do remember that they were brothers. One was a senior, the other was younger, sixteen I think..." Nodding my head and sighed.

Tess opened her mouth to say something just as there was a loud bang, on the diner window, by the booth we sat in.

All of us jump in surprise, Officer Lopez is on his feet, gun in his hands.

Catching my breath and calm my nervous, just as I flicker my eyes to what caused the bang.

"Son of a bitch!" I barked out in anger as my eyes landed on freaking Jeremy.

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