The Killer

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Past Bakugou POV:

I was walking when I heard crying and yelling I followed it to a alley way where I was two boys beating up a kid

"Hey pick on someone your own size!" I yelled the both looked at me and rolled their eyes walking away, I ran up to the kid he was wearing a bunny mask so I couldn't see his face but he had green hair

"Hello?" I ask bending down to his level I got no response

"Are you okay?" I ask again a little louder I still got no response which is kinda freaking me out

"I'm katsuki bakugou, what's your name?" I try again the boy looked at me I saw his bright emerald eyes I was a little scared at this point

'Maybe he's shy or mute' I thought I then reached for the boys mask he grabbed my hand quickly, startling me I try to get my hand away but he then tightened is grip

"H-hey!" I stuttered now completely freaking out

"L-let me go!" I yell tears now coming to my eyes I shut them then the grip on my arm completely loosened I opened my eyes and he was gone!? I look around and it was like he just disappeared into thin air

10 years later

Bakugou POV:

"Hey bakubro!" Kirishima yelled swinging his hand around my shoulder

"What shitty hair" I said bored

"It's Friday the 13th! Are you coming to minas party?" He asked

"No I have plans.." I lied

"Aw well offer always stans!" He says and walks back with denki

After school

I stayed at the library for a bit when I left it was already getting dark out I begin to head home taking a short cut through a alley way. I began to hear footsteps behind me it was freaking me out so I called Todoroki and put him on speaker

"What's up?" He says

"Could you come over today?"

"Sure but is something wrong?" He asks

"No just please.."

"Alright what time?" He asks

"I'm pulling up to my home now so like in 30 minutes?"

"Cool see you soon" he says hanging up, I quickly got in the house and locked the door I went up to my room and looked out the window I saw a black figure staring right at me I gulped my anxiety going up I closed my curtain and then heard a knock at the door. I went downstairs and slowly approached the door

"T-Todoroki?" I ask all I hear is heavy breathing

"Is that you? If this is a prank I'm going to kill you!" I yell scared then I felt breathing on my neck before I could turn around I passed out

When I woke up I was in a dark room that had weapons and bunny masks on the wall and I was in some sort of bed/cage thing. I stood up and held on the the railing it was too high for me to climb out I looked down and I was in a onesie that looked like it was made for a baby

Then the door opened grabbing my attention, a tall guy in a black hood and bunny mask with green hair and eyes walked in wait- I know him he's the mysterious creepy kid from my childhood! He walked towards me I backed up in the cage/bed thing

"A-are y-you h-hungry?" He asked I looked at him confused but slowly nodded I can tell that made him smile cause his eyes squinted

"O-okay!" He said and left the room again and came back with a sandwich I took it and looked at him

"I-it's n-not p-poisoned" he said 'he sure stutters a lot for a kidnapper and possibly a killer' I thought I took a bite of the sand which it was actually good

"I-I have t-to go I-I'll b-be back" he says and walks away

"Wait!" I yelled he turned around

"Why am I here?..." I ask

"W-well ever s-since I s-s-saw you t-that day a-as a kid I-I've t-taken a I-I-interest in y-you..." he said I just nodded I'm not honestly scared or that mad he kidnapped me I felt sorta safe

"I'll be b-back a-as s-soon as p-possible" he said and left locking the door, I sat back down and then the tv in the room started playing a kid show, well there's nothing else better to do so I watched it

A couple hours later

"I-I'm home!" Bunny man semi yelled walking over to me

"I-I think y-you need a b-bath" he said and picked me up I let out a small squeak, he carried me like a baby all the way to the bathroom and began stripping me out of my clothes I blushed and tried to push his hands away

"Shhh I-it's ok!" He said and set me in the bath

"What's your name?" I asked him as he got a cup and began rinsing off my body

"Y-you c-can call me d-deku for n-now" he said I nodded

"What do you look like?" I asked, he started scrubbing my hair with soup

"I-I'm u-ugly and I-I don't want y-you to e-escape and t-tell the p-police what I-I look like" he said I pout

"For a killer you stutter a lot" I say giggling a little I can tell he smiled

"I w-was mute f-for all my c-childhood I haven't t-talked in a l-long t-time" he explain I nodded and he rinsed my hair out. Soon my bath was done and he picked me up and dried me off and walked out of the bathroom onto a table where he dressed me in a new onesie

"Deku?" I ask he looks at me

"Y-yes?" He asked

"Why am I in baby clothes?.." I ask looking into his eyes curiously

"W-well u-um t-they're c-cute on y-you" he says I can see the blush on his ears

"I-it's late s-so h-how a-about dinner and a m-movie?" He asks I nodded happily he picked me up again and took me to a new room which was a living room

"P-promise you w-won't r-run?" He says I nod with a smile he ruffled my hair then went to the kitchen. He came back with  ramen noddles and sat down next to me

"W-what m-movie?" He asked turning on Disney plus

"Luca!" I yell happily he pet my hair and played it while we ate, near the end of the movie I started dozing off to sleep

"Deku..." I said softly he looked down at me

"B-bedtime" he said happily and turned to tv off and picked me up

"C-can I sweep wif you?" I asked trying to keep my eyes open

"Aw y-yes" he said and brought me to his room he layed down and had me laying on his chest

"Ni ni" I said and fell asleep feeling a kiss on my head making me smile

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