Chapter 10

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I came home one day on a Friday afternoon from school. I got home and Ethan was inside holding baby savannah and he had a big grin on his face. He handed me her and I started breast feeding her. "Hey babe I got a surprise for you" I smiled at him. "What's that?" "I got us a mini get away... We leave tomorrow" I jumped with joy. And kissed him on the cheek. But then stopped. "we can't go on vacation, we have a baby... It's to much trouble to bring her." He laughed "thats why your parents will be keeping her" what.. "My parents? Hah good luck with that one!!" He laughed again. " I already got it sorted out, we drop her off on the way!" What?? "They are okay with this?" "yeah actually haha they called me and told me to plan this cause they felt bad" wow. Okay then. "Alright.." He smiled and told me to go start packing. I ran upstairs and began packing. This will be so nice. The next morning came and we drove back down to North Carolina. We arrived and I was very nervous. I knocked on the door and my father opened it. I didn't say anything to him. He half smiled. Ethan got Savannah's things and began coming towards us. They greeted each other like they were buds or something. I then walked out and grabbed Sav. I held her and told her it was gonna be okay and she calmed down a little bit. I walked in and my mother came down along with my brothers and sister. I handed my baby to my mom and took Fred from Thomas. He was really cute. 1 hour later we left and headed to our place. Finally we got there it was beautiful! It was huge and private!! There was not another place insight. A nice looking glass, log cabin, a pool, hot tub and lake in the back yard, and a huge yard. I ran out and walked into the place and as soon as it opened 3 big dogs came flying at me! It was so weird. Ethan followed behind me and laughed. "I made a deal with the owner. I got this place for free as long as I took care of his dogs...I hope that's okay" omg he's so sweet. Of course it's okay. "Yes babe" I ran up and he swept me off my feet as we kissed. I jumped down from him and grabbed his hand and pulled him to outside. I immediately began taking my clothes off. "What are you doing Hun?" He asked me. I didn't say anything but continued to take my clothes off. When they were off I ran down and dove into the beautiful lake. He stood there in awe as I came up and flipped my hair. Next thing I know he did a cannon ball right over top me. Man was he gorgeous! He came up and gabbed up from behind and began nibbling at my neck. A few hours after enjoying our selves in the lake we walked in and took a shower. We got all clean and it was time for bed. Or so I thought. lol apparently he didn't get enough in the lake and shower. Finally after a while I made him go to sleep. It was nice to be able to have fun with him again though. I haven't been able to since I found out I was pregnant. I woke up the next morning feeling very disoriented. I was worried out of my mind, Ethan wasn't there and neither was my baby. I was panicking and then Ethan walked in and calmed me down. He lead me downstairs and there was a very nice breakfast sitting on the table waiting for us. I smiled and kissed him. Then we turned around and one of the dogs had gotten the food!! It was quite funny. Ethan decided to just take me out to breakfast. After breakfast we went shopping, went to the aquarium, went to the movies, and he made a trip to the pet store to pick Maggie something up. She was coming back a week after we got home. Well we got in there and I went straight to the puppies. One of the cages had 3 mini Maggie's. They were so cute. And then one little one in the very corner. He looked very sad. I asked to hold that one. The worker came out with the cutest little puppy! I was holding him and I fell in love. I couldn't leave him there he was so depressed. So i finally convinced Ethan to let me get him. We got some info on him and apparently he's supposed to be 175 pounds! No wonder why Maggie was getting so big. Now we will have two huge dogs. I was kinda worried but I couldn't just leave the poor guy there. In the car I held the little pup and started thinking of names. Ethan and I eventually came up with the name Jack. We brought him to our cabin and let him meet the dogs there. We realized that our dogs were the same dog as one of these dogs here and that dog named Alpha was huge!! But they all got along and jack was very happy. I could tell Ethan was kinda upset we brought him home but he's always trying to make me happy. Three days went by of relaxation and enjoyment, and it finally came to an end:( I was very glad we came here though. We packed out bags and loaded up and left. I really missed Savannah which I didn't think I would but I did I missed playing the mommy role. So I was so excited to pick her up. I could tell Ethan missed her too. We arrived and I opened the door and ran inside to see her as jack and Ethan folk word behind. I got in and my mom came down with her in her arms. Savannah a face lit up the whole room as she saw me. "Savannah!!" I ran over and held her and hugged her tight. "I missed you baby girl!" She smiled and giggled. Ethan came over and held her up and smothered her with kisses. My dad came in the room. "What is that thing..?" I looked over at jack to what he was talking about. "This is jack. He's our new puppy." He laughed.. A very fake laugh. "You can't take care of a puppy and a baby all by yourself!" Does he really wanna go there? "Uh hell I can! I already have a puppy at home and I'm not doing it alone I have Ethan." He fake laughed again! "What do you not understand Ethan is not going to be there much longer. I told you all he wants his your body. When you stop giving him that, get fat, and he can't take the stress anymore he's gone!" He fires me up. I didn't say one word I set the baby's stuff down and shoved Ethan against the wall and pressed my mouth against his trying to prove a point. He smiled under he breath and my dad growled and went upstairs. I released Ethan and grabbed my baby and we left. "they piss me off so bad!" I screamed in the car. He laughed. "I know baby I know. But what you did in there was h-o-t!" I half smiled. When we got home I grabbed my baby and Jack followed and I went inside and laid on the couch exhausted. My stomach was killing me from all this stress. "Can u bring me some medicine please" I called to Ethan. He walked in and gave me a few pills and water. I thanked him and fell asleep.

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