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big time rush (fanfiction)

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Hey readers! Here is my next story called "A Hurricane that changed their lives" I think it's good! Here is the first chapter. I have no idea what they call hurricanes in California so I'm just gonna keep hurricane. I hope you enjoy it! I like reviews.

Chapter 1: Hurricane Warnings

It was a bright sunny afternoon in Los Angeles. Kendall Knight, Logan Mitchell, James Diamond, and Carlos Garcia were relaxing in apartment 2J at the Palmwoods. Carlos was going down the swirly slide, Logan and James were watching TV and Kendall was playing dome hockey with his sister. Mama Knight had gone back to Minnesota to visit family for about 2 months.

"I like it just being us 5!" Logan spoke up.

"Yeah me too! No more getting in trouble for 2 months!" Carlos piped up. James and Katie snickered at that.

"Yeah! But I will miss mom's cooking." Katie sighed.

"Hey! James and Logan are good cooks!" Carlos pointed out! Katie only nodded her head.

"No one to tell us that we can't play lobby hockey!" Kendall spoke up.

"Bitters?" James reminded him.

"Oh yeah." Kendall said glumly.

"James you wanna go for a walk?" Logan asked.

"Sure!" James answered.

He stood up and followed Logan out the door. When they got out side they noticed it started to get a little cloudy. They brushed it off as something little and started walking. They were talking about what they liked about being in Big Time Rush and what they didn't like.

"I don't like that we have no privacy!" Logan said.
"I don't like how they always chase us! I mean I like it but sometimes they catch us!" James added.

"I like the attention we get though!" Logan exclaimed.

"I like being in magazines!" James said with a smile spread across his face. Logan nodded.

Back at apartment 2j, Kendall was in his room with Katie talking about what to do to prank Bitters. And Carlos was in the living room pacing the floor, trying to think of a song he was trying to write for his mom. The TV was turned to the news.

"And Finally Hurricane Adam is about to hit Los Angeles any hour now. Winds up to 200 miles per hour, making it a category 5 hurricane!" The TV reporter said. This snapped Carlos out of his thoughts.

"Kendall!" Carlos yelled. He ran over to Kendall's room and knocked. Kendall opened the door.

"What?" he asked.

"A hurricane is about to hit Los Angeles! Logan and James are out there!" Carlos cried.

"CALL THEM!" Kendall shrieked. Kendall pulled out his phone and dialed James's number. He hit call. They heard a ring coming from the counter. It was James's phone. Carlos picked it up and answered it.

"H-Hello?" He stuttered. Kendall glared at him. Then he hung up.

"Great! And Logan's phone is here to!" Kendall shrieked in frustration.

"We have to warn the Palmwoods!" Carlos said.

Kendall and Carlos ran out the door and ran down the steps to the lobby. They slid to a stop in front of the front desk. Mr. Bitters looked annoyed.

"What?" He snapped.

"A category 5 hurricane is about to hit Los Angeles! We have to get people in a lock down!" Carlos explained.

Mr. Bitter knew from the scared expression on Kendall and Carlos's face that this wasn't a prank! He immediately got on the intercom and said

"Attention all Palmwoods residents, a Hurricane is about to hit! Please stay calm and come down to the basement! Thank you!" Mr. Bitters grabbed Carlos and Kendall and dragged them to the basement. Kendall and Carlos were terrified, for their lives, for their best friend's lives, for everyone's lives.

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