Chapter | 3

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WARNING: Do not romanticize!

the next day,

Shen woke up in his own bedroom after feeling a whole earthquake from someone shaking his entire body.

"Shen-chan! Sheeeen-chan, wake up it's 9am! You have school!" Someone screeches, which turned out to be Shen's stepfather. The boy sits up after barely sleeping all night, groaning.

"Daaaad, please write me a letter of absence, my headache..."

"Uhm nope, you're not missing school because you came home so late last night, you still have to be punished for that," His step-dad says while slapping Shen's duvet-covered bum. "And you didn't wear a head covering to bed--I'm so gonna call your Mom."

"Nooooo!" Shen dramatically cries out, holding onto his Dad's arm, "I'm getting up, I'm getting up!"

"That's a good boy, now come on and eat the omelettes, I made ketchup art!" His stepdad excitedly announces.

While Shen rubs his eyes, he can't help but make an embarrassed face and fall back down to bed, a memory getting triggered from what his own father said in English.

"That's a good boy," says Kelvin when Shen accepted a lollipop with his mouth, after being teased and denied sweets if Shen uses his hands.

Last night was a scene. Though innocent, they 100% only ate candies and watched a movie, with no sexual intent since none of them ever made a move. Although, Shen felt like he was always on edge with Mahiro's constant flirting, Kelvin feeding him the sweets, and Adan staring at him with the eyes of a God; not intense, but soft and observant. There may be no sexual intent but there was tension of the sort.

Shen is still torn between being grateful that they did take care of him, or regretting the absence of something more-- Huang Shen, what in the extinct gods are you thinking?! Mahiro is a Junior and the other two are strangers!

"They said they're staying for a two-week vacation," Shen recalled what Mahiro translated from last night, "So please visit anytime. Ahh, come to me at school whenever you want to hang out together, Shen-chan."

Whatever Shen is feeling right now... Oreo's right, maybe I am such a whóre for their gaze...

"Good morning," Shen came down and meets with his stepfather in the kitchen counter.

"Shen, what happened last night? You got home then passed out, did you drink?!" His stepdad questions, making Shen freeze and wish he had skipped breakfast.

"No, I didn't!" He honestly answers, "It was... s-sugar crash, we ate too much sweets..."

"Speaking of 'we', who brought you back home because it sure as hell wasn't Oreo?" The overbearing parent questions, knowing that Ryuji drives a black Volvo and not a big red car he doesn't know the brand of. "Baby, don't tell me you're doing drugs--"

"Dad, please I would never..." Shen groans, "They were just two foreigners trying out candy, plus a schoolmate Mahiro was with us. They're nice guys."

"Two foreigners?" His stepdad's eyes widen in concern.

"One was from West Africa, and the other East... they wanted to know me because I'm... w-well... half!" Shen quickly defends, "Plus, my schoolmate, I trust him!"

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