Chapter 2. Unexpected Friends

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Chapter 2. Unexpected Friendships
"Unexpected friendships are the best ones." - Unknown
June 2021

Two months. It had been nearly two months since Vanessa and Sawyer had lost their son. Vanessa wasn't doing the best. Sure, she had some more positive days, but a fair majority of the time, she found herself grieving, and needing comfort. Sawyer however, was continuing to distance himself. She knew he was blaming her. He didn't need to say or do anything. The answer was blatant. He was around, but he worked more hours than usual, and he had ignored her for two weeks after the loss. That ended tonight. Vanessa had arranged for the two of them to go to dinner together, hoping they could work through their situation maturely.

It wasn't a surprise when things turned out the contrary of what Vanessa had expected.

"Vanessa! Vanessa, wait!" Sawyer yelled as Vanessa stormed out of the restaurant doors. She didn't stop though, and made her way down the sidewalk. "We have to talk about this." He added, as she turned around, sending him a glare.

"What is there to talk about Sawyer?" Vanessa asked, infuriated. "You clearly hate that we lost the baby, and you're putting all the blame on me."

"No I'm not." Sawyer denied.

"Yes. Yes you are." Vanessa retorted, crossing her arms. "You've been avoiding me. You've distanced yourself since you found out our baby had type II osteogenesis. I knew you were faking feeling sympathetic in the hospital. I've known you since we were 15. Ten fucking whole years. I know your tells and your antics. You are clearly unhappy, so if you don't want me, just let me know as soon as possible, and I will get the hell out of your life."

"I am the victim in every situation we have. Every argument. You set ultimatums. Not me. You make the decisions, I don't." Sawyer fired back, as she scoffed.

"You don't get to accuse me of that because you know that's not true!" Vanessa exclaimed, as tears sprung to her eyes. "You start most arguments, you set most ultimatums, and I'm the victim in every fucking situation and argument that's unfolded these past few years."

"You want the utter truth, V?" Sawyer asked, as she rolled her eyes. "Losing Griffith was your fault. All your fucking fault. You made the decision to have him."

"It wasn't my fault. I didn't have a choice, Sawyer!" Vanessa shot back, as she harshly wiped her tears. "I didn't have a choice. It was the right thing to do."

"Was it?"

"Yes it was. I had to do it because all mothers who lose their babies to type II need to do that procedure. I didn't have a choice. We tried for months to have a baby only to have it die of an unfortunate disease." Vanessa explained, as she made her way to their vehicle.

"That was two months ago, why are you still hung up on this?" Sawyer asked, with a soft laugh, as Vanessa raised her eyebrow.

"How is this argument funny to you?" She asked.

"We always end up fighting, V." Sawyer pointed out. "I think you should just get over the loss and move on with life."

"I can't simply move on! You don't understand!" Vanessa cried.

"Which proves you're weak." Sawyer commented, causing Vanessa's blood to boil.

You know when someone plays with your temper and they take it a step too far, and you hit the boiling point? This was that moment.

"No!" Vanessa yelled, louder than she intended, causing Sawyer to flinch. Ignoring the looks, and stares, she continued. "You don't get to call me weak. I am not weak. I faced the death of our baby, I am allowed to grieve and feel emotional. I didn't have parents or a home growing up, I managed. I dealt with other adversities, and now I'm dealing with the fact that you're growing apart from me. I'm not fragile, I'm freaking strong. So don't accuse me of being the perpetrator of every situation and argument. Think before you speak."

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