Double-Sided Coin

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All of us measure in equal parts

Yet still, we do not all equal in measure

Who are you who strolls by

Brushing the shoulders of your fellows each passing day?

Looking upon the few

Depicting your view of rational

One by one, in your army of normality

"Searching for the truth." You proclaim, with your Stetson smiles

Your charity, their reality, is upheld within your turtleneck lies

There 'they', the other ones crouch,-alone

There 'they', the other ones wander,-lost

Searching, searching

Their cries can be heard

But only through the echoes of their tears

Searching for the map!

The map you hold blindly before them each day

They wear hunger like leprosy

The disease, decorates their identity

Becoming more contagious-

By your reason, of reason

They wear loneliness like a black veil

Hiding their agony to become, YOU

Each passing day, more transparent

While you blanket their necessity with a smile

Cell phones still sing

Voices still squawk

Drowning, drowning-

Compassion cries of their suicide on angel's whispers

-suffered sighs that ride within the winds cry

Cover your Listerine bathed mouth;

As they cough a cough, of black ill

Hold your eyes', cover them well;

For to look upon their face, means you must feel

Pinch your nose tight;

You see, a rose by any other name,

May bring you obligation-

To reach, to touch, to bleed your dollar bills

The veins which pulse your coded pride,

Is where you find your common kind

The beautiful ones, you are- all shiny and new

The style of ambition, 'on sale now!'

Discard last years Kashmir scarf, and angora sweater

Wrap them in a box-marked 'X'!

Let them eat your scraps, and wear your garbage, for their Sunday best

-You have done them well

Decorate your walls, with your college degrees

Your Bachlors. Your Masters. Your collage to be free.

As they hold their credentials, on a cardboard sign-

'WILL WORK FOR FOOD!' In black ink inscribed

You claim, if you give, they'll just use it to drink

But what would you do with two dollars

-no home, and a BA in pain?

A penny saved, is a penny earned

So drop your spares, and make their cups 'ching'!

They say 'Thank You', bearing their cross, like Christ;

Yet it is your cup that runneth over

Drink your promotion, eat the feast-

Remember, you have been blessed

Mean while, wretch'd low in a gutter suit, their bellies growl before the bite

Their innards feeding on itself for a treat

"Those bleeding-heart liberals! They don't have a clue! Profit margins will plummet, from needless expense!" You scoff, with fine wine laced breath

While WE, the martyrs clean up your mess-

Securing your tax deductible blindfolds.

The church is full, little clones tucked neatly in a row

Tithe your seed-investment you sow!

"Ten times the return!" The preacher does sing

Yet from outside the stone walls,

Can you not hear the abandoned scream!

All rosy to service you attend,

To relieve your conscience

You righteous soldiers-

'Come Ye' with your saint costumes and hide;

For the battle to survive marches on,

-outside the wrought-iron gate

Grit and dirt becomes their cleanser,

A shower of filth, before they tuck in tight

Tomorrow's dawn shall bring a sunset of hopelessness,

As you wake, and get your Star Bucks on!

Hurried, hurried

You mustn't be late!

Watch your step, as their shoeless feet litter your way

Grab the Tribune, can't miss the stock news!

But please, be careful not to tear the page-

For in the cold, dead of night,

President Obama's face shall become their blanket

-And the headline screams- Time For Change!

No more grass to cushion naked feet,

The park is off limits, it is for your view, you see

-As they may spread 'awareness eye disease'.

Sweet, sweet summer- rays of heat rise off concrete

Take your plastic shots of Gatorade-success doesn't sweat

They lay in thirst, and watch your Nikes' pass quick

"Water is free." Aloud you think, as you look at 'the pathetic' lining the street

But not in the land of the lost;

Where twenty-five cents for the cup, is the reply they hear with their attempts to stay alive

Who are YOU who strolls by-

Ignorant to famine

Ignorant to the neglect?

-Your truth has adjured

And the tears of humanity, continue to bleed-

Although, deeply masked, with your self-righteous pollution!

And the sun continues to grace light upon ALL of us-

...even, the Forgotten Ones!

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