Chapter | 1

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Warning: Do not romanticize

⚠️written by LadyYandereShane⚠️
so you know what you're up against

All dialogues are supposedly spoken in Japanese unless italized.


Are you willing to choose love or hate; when both options lead to your death?

Once upon a time, in a world where gods-powerful ones, are only just as powerful as the humans who worship and have faith in them, there exists Supernatural creatures who share the earth with humans.

Vampires, Shapeshifters, and Ghosts.

However, the humans were threatened by the mere existence of those more powerful than them, the supernaturals, who had no desire of serving them the same way gods do.

"They will be the end of humanity. We've already had Shifters claiming our humans as mates, and the bond is eternal and painful! Vampires attacking in the streets!"

"But humans attack each other as well, a vampire-to-human-crime is just the same."

"They are significantly stronger than us. If they decide to take over the world and shove us at the bottom of the food chain, they very well can."

"But there are Those who are stronger than them."

The humans prayed for their gods to help them eradicate the supernaturals. And there sparked the War Between Gods and Supernaturals.

"Milady!" A guard protected the royal Shifters' Queen from a fallen roof, pushing her away after a bomb rendered their home destroyed.

"My son! My husband, I-"


"Reo!" The Queen snatches her boy just as the guard pulls them both out of the area. "No wait, my husband! We have to get my husband-"


"Evacuate the Prince. The Queen has fallen, I repeat... the Queen has fallen."

Vampires were created from the fallen angel Lucifer, who passed his powers along his children. These children then infect others, slowly spreading their species after millions of years. The original descendents of Lucifer, are called Class A Vampires. They are the ones to always be the Leaders and Royals of the race, for they are far superior than any of their fellow vampires.

Ghosts are spirits manifested from one's trauma. They are created upon a person's near death experience, or a severe painful event that causes their mind to detach into two beings. All species can have a ghost, and they can co-exist with one another as separate beings. When either dies, the other one does not get affected.

Shifters are animal shapeshifters with dust-like bones allowing them to shift into a fixed animal. Shifters with parents of different species will still carry the genes of both parents, but one dominant gene will decide which animal the baby will be; it works like a normal Gene. Humans can also carry a gene and Shifters can still create Shifter babies with a human, but there's a risk of death for the human. Those who has never had a human descendant are called Alphas and are bigger in size because their genes were never tainted with a human, and they can claim/mark any species as a mate.

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