Chapter 7

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Ken was watching some movies when I came out of the bathroom. I couldn't face him right now.
"I'd better go home." I said heading for the door.
"Wait. Can you stay for a little longer? For a movie?" What? What's this? What's he playing? I frowned at his question.
"Please? Just one movie." he plead.
Whaaaattt??? I should find some excuses. This didn't feel right. My brain insisted on going home right now, while my intestines wanted to play along. I knew the idea of my intestines could think was weird. But my gut really told me to do so.
Brain v.s. Gut
Gut won. Because I don't trust my brain sometimes, it's too smart. My gut isn't that smart, but it rarely leads me wrong. It's just my common sense. Congratulations, Gut.
"Sure." I said with a flirtatious smile. I know I shouldn't do that but...gut.
I sat down beside him, a bit closer than I should. But he didn't notice or he pretended to not notice. We were watching Sex Tape. I didn't know why this movie ended up playing. Inappropriate with the situation, I know. The first 10 minutes got me squirmed in my seat. I couldn't go on like this.
"Skip forward, won't you?" I said.
"Why?" He asked with a curious look.
"I can't believe you can watch this. Skip it. Give me the remote." I leaned to grab the remote when Ken snatched it away before I got the chance to. I tried to get the remote form his hand which landed me on his stomach. Up. Down. Up. Down. Breathe in. Breathe out. His chest weaving from panting. He laughed. Our eyes locked. I don't like those hazel eyes. It caught me off guard and made my stomach clenched every time I look straight at it. The dog scene in Sex Tape brought me back from the hazel world. But Ken wouldn't look away. Instead he came closer. I tried not to move nor made any expressions that show how I really felt. I think I might explode from the heat. Hot. Burned. Go away. Ken came in closer until our knee touched. I was glad there was the thin layer of my jeans keeping the little distance. I was hotter than the sun, I bet. I didn't know if Ken noticed but his finger was brushing my thigh. Stop, Ken. Please.
I couldn't act nonchalantly now.
"What are you playing Ken? Are trying to provoke me? Are you playing with me? Is this your game? You were ignoring me at school today and now you act
My words were interrupted by the sudden lips on mine. His mouth in mine. Ken was kissing me. Ken Hembrick was kissing me and I was-I didn't know what to do, play along again or break this contact. I couldn't help but noticed the fact that Ken was a really great kisser. And I was kissing him back. Because it felt right at that moment.
I never understand about kissing. I have always thought that kissing is disgusting. Like why do people even kiss? With the tongue things to the saliva. Probably because my experiences with kissing. I don't want to name names, it's too embarrassing. The first time was the worst. It was nothing like the first kiss I'd dreamt about. It involved spitting. Mr.A and I had to wipe our mouth after that. What a shame! The 2nd time wasn't anything better. I wasn't sure what happened but I ended up having a bloody lips. The 3rd time left me with a swollen tongue and an injured head. It's not a big injury but still. Mr. C pushed me against the wall abit too hard, my head banged banged with the wall. That shouldn't matter much. But then when I was confident with the tongue thing, Mr. C bit my tongue. Hard. It hurt. The worst experience ever.

But with Ken was different. He was so professional. Teaching me. Invading me with each moves. He tasted like honey. It felt so heavenly good. He made me wished like this should be my first kiss. His tongue found mine. He pulled me closer. I didn't think we could get any closer than this. I grabbed his hair, shifted along his neck. His hands drifted on my back, made me shudder. But then I realized that it was not right and I broke the contact.

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