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Death is a strange thing. It is the end of various living beings. Death is something commonly feared in human society. For normal people that is. Of course, it varies between cultures but for the most part it is feared.

'Well actually my generation is a piece of shit so they probably would welcome death with open arms. Kinda like me right now.'

Why is he thinking about this? Maybe it's due to the fact that he is currently in the process of dying. On the dirty ground, ew.

He wouldn't consider himself a germaphobe. But he somewhat did not die on this random alleyway after a mugging. He would rather die in holy water or somethin'.

Ah. Right.
Should he call an ambulance? Probably.

But he did want to pay thousands after he recovered? No.

He wondered why he wasn't scared. Maybe it still didn't sink in yet? Was the pain a distraction? He wonders if he can visit his family in the afterlife. He doesn't want to.

'I wonder if someone will find my body. Well it's not like many people will mourn if someone does. Isn't that sad to think about. You know, I should have punched that mugger and ran for it.'

But that would be too much work and require him to move his body. He thought the person would just take his money and not stab him in his stomach then his right foot.

'I mean at least I look reasonably pretty for a person that is dying. (Just like Mother said to) I hope someone reads my will correctly, not like those other people that passed on.'

His will consisted of having his assets be given to charities. He also wrote that his body was to be cremated after he passed away. Everything else he didn't remember.

So uhh...
He is losing his vision, next is his hearing.

'Cool. Thank you, body for dying so I can't feel the pain of feeling stabbed.'








The afterlife is so plain. He expected to be sent into a fire pit but he is currently in a void of darkness.

Maybe this is hell? Heaven? Probably not.

So with his remaining brain cells, he decided to sleep. It beats waiting for some god to bless him with their presence.


So he woke up to a light source rivaling the damn sun. 'Ow, my eyes.'

"Child, please pay attention and sit up properly."

'Who? Oh me.'


"Because you died earlier than expected, I will reincarnate you. You can choose between keeping your memories or not."

He really didn't care if he had his memories or not. It's not like he will remember much anyway.

"I will keep them, thank you for asking."

Being polite is a pain but he rather not piss off an unknown being. Getting stabbed was enough pain for the time being. I'm sorry Mother, I won't do it again.

"You didn't have many major sins in your life so you can choose where you want to go."

'Hmm... where should I go? I want to go into a fantasy type world. Uhh, thinking hurts my brain. Wait, do I even have one since I died? Ok, focus. I don't go into a world like Naruto, or Harry Potter because of the danger in those. Ah. I got one.'

"I wish to reincarnate into the world of My Hero Academia, Sir"

"Do you want to reincarnate from birth or do you have a specific age in mind? Which gender?"

He would rather not be a baby that can't move but he also didn't want the responsibility of having a life.

"I want a male body around three, Sir"

'That sounds wrong out of context. Wait.'

He raises his right hand up."Sir, can I meet my parents again?"

"No. They are in a different plane of the afterlife."

'Well that was disappointing.' Lair

"Is that all? If so, good luck in your next life."

"Yes, thank you for your service."

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Thank you for everyone reading this mess.

(Also that conservation was so dry. It shows how much time I didn't interact with other people this past year.)

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