No Touching

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"What the FUCK" I groan in the pure darkness, I HATE MY FUCKING LIFE

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"What the FUCK" I groan in the pure darkness, I HATE MY FUCKING LIFE. everything was going fine, NOW WHY DOES LIFE HATE ME?

"calm down" Ace says from behind me, I roll my eyes even though he can't even see.

"Where are you, I can't see shit" I ask 

And then immediately I feel 2 hands on my waist, I slap them off "I asked where you were, Not for you to touch me. I don't like other people's leftovers" I growl.

He can go touch the whore he fucked.

HELL YA HE CAN, I mean tho i prefer he dident

Whatever consy 

"jealous?" I can practically feel the smirk on his fucking face, "No, Just fucking pissed asshole".

Nope, i think its the jealousyyyyyyyyyy

consy I swear. GO BACK TO SLEEP



He hums sarcastically, I tap my ass looking for my phone which I put in my back pocket before. Thank fuck. I take my phone and turn it on. "There is gon be no signal" He says. I roll my eyes I fucking know dumbass.

I turn on the flashlight and point it to the roof, and look at him.

"arent you some tuff Mafia bitch? do something"

he rolls his eyes ignoring my comment and says "What the fuck do you expect me to do?".

Fix it? "Fuck me, FIX IT DUMBASS" I demand sarcastically. "See, The second part I have no idea how to do. but the first request is achievable" he smirks.

I flip him off and take off my coat and throw it at him "What am I? A coat rack" He growls. No but might as well be.

I ignore him and go to where the buttons are, Well I guess it's a good thing Max made me take that hacking shitty class in every uni I went to.

I mean it was more for him so I could cheat and get him answers for tests

  but Hey, It works!

sure consy

"God damn" He mutters from behind me, The fuck happened now? 

I look at him over my shoulder "what?".

He walks over to me and leans on the wall right next to me, Nahhh yeah I totally need nooo help at all, you relax

"Damn, I wonder how I've never noticed" He asks rubbing his chin, Noticed what?

I sigh and go back to the buttons, I pry off the top layer of the buttons to reiveil the control panel "bingo" I sing looking at all the controls. Okay now I wanna know what he never noticed.

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