Shehry's pov

I came out of the bathroom changed in my army jeans and and black v neck shirt ! I took my phone and keys and call atif to come down ! I walked to my car ! I saw mona and Amzy coming towards us ! I took a glance at Amzy she was wearing a full sleeves shirt grey shirt and blue skinny jeans ! Her hair flew back with the wind and she smiled !

Hayeeee mar diya is ki smile ne mjhe ! Main wara jaun !

She smiled and waved to us ! Then Mona and Amzy walked towards us and we sat at the car ! But the freakin hell the car didn't start ! I tried to twist the key but the engine isn't starting ! Atif looked at me angrily and said "shehry aisa kr ise beech k theela le lein ! Wo ziada achaa chale ga ! Meri car bhi ghar hai warna use main chal dete " . then suddenly amzy speak up "guys don't worry main car start krti hun apni samne hi hai ! Ap ab ao okay ? " Atif nodded and she was going from the road when something drops from her's hand but she didn't looked bother she walked upto her car and start the engine!

I looked my car and start walking to her car then i looked at the thing that fell from Amzy's its her braclete simple silver bracelete ! I took and put it my pocket ! I walked up to the car and saw Mona and Ati sitting in the back ! Mona looked at me! She smirk while looking at me and winked at me ! I opened the passenger seat's door and sat !

I took a deep breath and smell Amzy's perfume ! Ahhhh she smell really good ! I know from the day she's here ! She only wears this perfume ! I loved her perfume !

After like 15 mins we were at some desi hotel ! Amzy lets everyone out and parked the car ! Mona and ati went in the hotel so when Amzy came so we only had to order ! I stand there wating for Amzy and thinking about my dream ! Then i felt a hand on my shoulder i turned around and see Amzy standing ! She looked at me and asked "is everything okay shehry ? Tm kaha ghum the ? I called your name but you didn't reacted ! " . i rubbed the back of my neck and shook my head !
She furrowned but didn't said a single word !

Amzy's pov

Me and shehry went in then saw mona and atif sitting in a table and talking while holding hands ! Love birds yeah i liked their relationship ! Cause they both are loving,caring and supporting to each other and above that they are my friends !

Me and mona sat together and in my front shehry is sitting and ati is sitting infront of mona they are talking like theres no more tomorrow! Huhhh i was bored and using my phone ! Then shehry nugde to my phone ! I looked up and he smiled and i asked " boliye shehry ? " .

He smiled and said "ye dono tou baatin kr rahe hain ! I know you are bore so gol gappay ? Bhook bhi khatam aur boriyat bhi " . i nodded in exictedment ! He order four plates of gol gappy !

Waiter came and gave us four plates mona and atif didn't want the gol gappay so its only for me and shehry ! He looked at me and smirked ! I asked out "tmhare dimag main kia chal raha hai shehry ? " .

Shehry replied "simple lets do a gol gappay challenge jo pehle khatam kre ga dono plates wo jeet jaye ga ! Simple as cake piece ! "

"Ohh so okay ! Lets start ! Mona count for us ! " .mona noded and start counting 1,2 and 3 and the game begins!

Shehry's pov

She was damn fast ! She won the game! And i pouted ! There's some sauce under her lower lip ! I told her ! She asked where ? She was kept looking when i slowly raised my hand and cleaned it with my thumb ! Her eyes soften she was slightly smiling !

Amzy's pov

Shehry touched my face with his thumb! I was so lost in his act ! The way he touched its amazing! Duhhh i can die for this touch! I was looking at him when someone cleared his thoart! I turn and see Mona and ati are staring at us! Then Mona speak up "yaar surprise humne dena hai magr lag raha hai yahan tou kuch aur chal raha hai " .

I hit Mona's leg under the table! She giggle a lil and again stated "if dono ka hogaya ho tou bolun? " me and shehry nodded !

"Sooo the news is me and atif are going to engaged next weekend! And as me and amzy are best friend i want her to dance on my engagement and as shehry me and ati's best ans mutual friend we want you to dance with amzy ! " . i froze at her words coz again dance with shehry is so damn awkward! I looked up at shehry and he noded a yes! I whispered in mona's ear " i don't know how to dance! " . she whisper back at me " amzy don't lie! I saw you in the morning dancing with shehry ! And pleaseeeeee i'm your best friend! " . i nodded and she yayyed !

We left the hotel after paying the bill ! I was driving when i heard my phone ringing! I looked at my caller id its nosh ! I receive the call "hello nosh hows you? " i asked her .

"I'm fine hows you? So its a yes or no ? "She asked casually ! I said "its yes just text me the time and address ? Is it okay ? " .

"Yes its okay ! Nice talking to you ! Bye " she said ! And cut the call ! I drop Mona at her house ! and Ati to his house ! Now shehry ,me and awkward silence is in the car! I turned the music on ! And why the freaking effin my romantic songs are playing ! Then i heard muni badnaam hui ! I turned the volume up and start singing with it! Shehry was laughing ! I hit him with my elbow! He laugh again ! I parked the car in my garage ! He hop out from the car and asked "waise dance konse gane pe kro gi ? " i casually open the door and signaled him to come in ! He came in with me! "Idk koi bhi chale ga ! Mjhe waise bhi koi bhi gane pe nachwa lo ! " he laugh and said "soo ab ye bhi mera kam hai ? I noded and laugh ! Ruksana was sleeping coz she had some fever and asim is out for greet and meet with his fans ! I walked to the kitchen to find something to eat ! I was about to open the fridges door !

I saw a cackroch ! I screamed my heart out ! And saw shehry run towards me ! I pointed to the cackrosh ! He killed it by stomping his feet on it! I was out of my breath ! I was crying coz i hate them ! He cupped my face with his hand and said "shhhhh kuch nahi huwa mar diya main ne ! " i hugged him tightly and buried my face in his chest !

Shehry's pov

She hugged me tightly my heart beat fasten and in my stomach i can feel butterflies!

Bs amzy isi trha mjhe apne sare ghum dedo ! Main isi trha apne bahon main chupa lena chahta hun ! Magr dar lagta hai k agr dil ka haal bata diya tou tm mjhse dour na hojao ! Mere dil ka haal sirf main aur mera Allah janta hai !

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