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The planet mand'alor was filled with warriors and was growing slowly out of there warrior ways. But today a child from the house of vizla was going with Pre vizla to aid Bo-Katan the sister of the former duchess of mand'alor satine.

Y/n: So uncle pre what are we doing?

Pre: To visit one of my members, her name is Bo-Katan the sister of the former duchess of mand'alor satine.

Y/n: So where is she?

Pre: Your four years old y/n so I doubt you'll remember the name so I'll tell you once your older.

Y/n: Ok uncle pre.

You and pre were going to a out post that Bo-Katan was gaurding till you saw a ship.

Y/n: Look uncle pre a space ship!

Pre: I can see that, but to be safe stay at the scooter okay.

Y/n: Okay Uncle pre.

Once you got a closer view you saw a man in a Cloak talking to Bo-Katan.

Pre: What's going on?

Bo-Katan: There's a Jedi here who wants to look for someone, his name is Plo koon.

Plo: greetings, I am Plo koon and I'm here for a purpose.

Pre: And what is this purpose?

Plo: Well-

Y/n: Uncle pre is it safe to get off now?

Bo-Katan: Why the hell did you bring him along?!

Pre: Is it bad to spend time with my family?

Bo-Katan: No but it doesn't mean you should bring him here, what happens if we have to fight him? *points at Plo koon*

As they both continued to fight while master Plo was waiting for them to finish, you felt like something was calling for you and It was calling you in the ship. So you got of the scooter and slowly walked to the ship it was like it was telling you to enter and so you did you went in and saw a cube on a chair, you reach your hand and it felt like it found someone there after. As you hold the cube it slowly turns it side but you were interrupted by Plo koon.

Plo: Can you please give it to me youngling.

Y/n: S-Sorry for getting on your ship mister. *hands it over*

Plo: It is alright. *Sees the holocron almost open*

Y/n: Excuse me. *Runs out of the ship*

Plo: Is he the one the force was trying to tell me?

Y/n: The space ship was so big.

Pre: What did I told you, stay at the scooter.

Y/n: Sorry uncle.

Pre: Your just a child, your curiosity is always there to fuel your motivation so there is no harm done.

Bo-Katan: Come on little guy get back to the scooter.

Y/n: Ok.

With Plo koon.

Plo: Master Yoda I have found the child that I sense.

Windu: are you certain master Plo?

Plo: I haven't gotten a blood sample but he was able to do this to the holocron.

Windu: well no normal child can open it but to even be able to unlock it is very impressive for his age.

Yoda: Bring him here, you must. The counsel will decide.

Plo: I will master Yoda.

Windu: May the force be with you.

And so the transmission was over and Plo koon got out and walked towards you Pre and bo were skeptical about his actions.

Plo: Well child why don't you come with me and become a Jedi.

Pre and bo: What?

Y/n: So I'm not in trouble?

Pre: what are you saying?

Plo: This child was able to unlock the holocron but wasn't able to turn it on. With enough training he will be the most powerful Jedi I ever seen.

Pre and Bo were surprised on hearing Plo koon's words but they were surprised to know that you were about to become a Jedi. Pre was happy to know another Vizla will become a Jedi like tarre vizla the first mandalorian to be accepted in the jedi order. Bo was also happy to know your going to be the most respected Jedi she'll ever see.

Plo: What do you say?

Y/n: Is it alright uncle?

Pre: It is, I'll tell you this. You may not be my son but I am so proud of you.

Y/n: Really uncle?

Pre: Yes, now go and become the warrior your meant to be.

Y/n: thank you. *hugs pre* I'll miss you uncle.

Pre: well miss you to y/n.

Plo: Ready?

Y/n: Yes sir.

Plo: please call me master Plo youngling.

Y/n: Okay master Plo.

And so you enter the ship master Plo was using and waved goodbye to Pre and bo and soon you were on your way to coruscant.

Time skip.

You arrived at the planet coruscant and saw a lot of ships flying and leaving the planet Plo couldn't help but smile at your curiosity on the new planet you were going to live on. The ship landed Infront of the Jedi temple and once you land you saw the beautiful sunset and the many Jedi and gaurds at the temple soon you were in a elevator with Plo and we're at the Jedi council.

Y/n: Um, hello there.

Plo: Come don't be shy young one.

Kit: The youngling is more docile than i thought.

Ki-Adi: indeed even though he is a mandalorian.

Shaak ti: the child is still young so he must haven't learn the ways of his people yet.

Eeth: still we must be careful with him, as of now he is mand'alors most respected person to his people.

Ki-Adi: Reminds me of the first mandalorian the order has accepted.

Windu: if we send this kid back to mandalore, they'll be asking why we sent a jedi there in the first place.

Shaak ti: Then what is our action as of now?

Yoda: Train him, we must. To foolish to reject him, this is.

Windu: then it's decided, Y/n vizla will join the order.

Kit: Agree.

Shaak ti: indeed.

Ki-Adi: *nods*

Eeth: He will be a good Jedi to teach.

And so the council has decided to make Jedi youngling and so your journey has begun.

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