I tilt my head and smile.

"You invite me out to dinner, but you don't talk to me?" I ask. Harry glances up at me from above the rim of his glass and sets it on the table.

"Erm, sorry. How have you been?" he questions. I roll my eyes and cross my arms.

"Fine. You?" I reply sarcastically.

After the concert last night, Harry asked me to go to dinner with him tonight. So, I went out with him, and he ignores me. Seems legit.

"Are you alright?" he asks, raising an eyebrow.

I sigh, "Harry. This is really awkward." His eyes shift to the ground. I cross my arms again. "I mean, we're so chill on the tour bus. This is honestly weird."

"What do you want me to do?" Harry snaps. I flinch, not expecting that at all. His face softens and he backs away.

"How about we act like we always do? Not all weird and spacey like we are now," I suggest. He gives me a half smile and nods a bit, his curls bouncing.

"Alright. Let's start the night over." He holds his hand out. "Ready to eat?"

I laugh and gesture to my plate.

"Already covered," I reply with a giggle. He smiles, his teeth showing slightly between his lips.

"Well, I would like to tell you something," he tells me, leaning back in his chair. I smile and raise an eyebrow.

"What would that be?" I inquire.

"You are a great singer."

I make my confused face. I only sang in front of Harry once. Is he talking about that or...

Suddenly, I realize what he's talking about, and I feel my face flush bright red.

"Y-you perv! Stay out of my room when I'm in the shower!" I squeal, throwing a lettuce leaf at him.

He laughs and deflects it with ease.

"I heard something last night in your room. What were you singing?" he teases me.

"It's a song by a band you don't know!" I shoot back. He laughs. The waiter comes over and tells us to be quiet. We apologize, but as soon as he turns his back, Harry and I make faces at his back.

We look at each other and smile.

"So, what were you like in school?" I ask him, sipping on my water, eyeing my food carefully.

"Um, I was a bit of a dork. Sort of like you," he teases. I stick my tongue out at him. "I wasn't even close to being popular."

"I feel you bro," I respond with a nod. He grins mischeviously.

"Feel me where?" he asks in a low voice. I laugh and hide my face.

"Here!" I giggle, reaching up and running my fingers through his silky curls. He swats my hand away and flips his hair.

"How do I look?" he asks.

"Like a life ruiner for sure," I reply with a roll of my eyes.

"Life ruiner?" he repeats. My eyes go wide. Oops.

"Never mind. Inside joke," I say quickly.

"What were you like in school?" he asks me.

"I was always the outcast. I sat on the sidelines, not fitting in. I didn't wear popular brands, and I did what I wanted to do mostly. Like, I learned Hylian," I confess.

"Hylian? Like from Legend of Zelda?" he questions. I smirk. Didn't think he'd know that.

"Yeah," I whisper. He smiles.

"That's actually awesome. Mind teaching me sometime?" he inquires.

"Want to give your fans heart attacks?" I ask.

"That would probably cuase a mass genocide, so no."

I smile.

"You are a little nerd," I tease, flicking the tip of his nose. He flicks my nose in return.

"Not anymore than you, princess Zelda."

"Meh," I say because I can't think of a clever comeback.

"Oh, I'm stunned. I can't move," he says sarcastically.

"You suck," I say.

"Suck what?" he replies, wiggling his eyebrows. I roll my eyes.

"Alright, stop it now."

"Oh my God! Harry!" some girl screams, snapping pictures of us.

"Hi!" Harry exclaims, grabbing my arm and standing me up with him.

He takes pictures with him and I convince him to follow them.

"Oh God, bless you!" one of the girls tell me, crying.

I give her a hug, and I make Harry give her one too. Then, a whole hord of girls appear from nowhere.

"Shit!" I exclaim.

Harry grabs my hand and runs, slapping the money for our dinner (which I ate none of), and barreling out the door. We run until the screaming fades. I'm completely out of breath.

"Jesus. Are they all on the reserve list for the Olympics or what?" I ask, struggling to regain my breath. Harry laughs weakly. The screaming continues and Harry pulls me into an alley. We run until we reach the end and duck behind a convenient stack of boxes.

We stay quiet as the last pounding footsteps fade away. I flip over on my knees and peek above the boxes, making sure the girls are gone. Once I confirm, I flop back down, sighing in relief. Harry watches me, amused.

I look over at him and smile. "What?" I ask.

In response, he leans over and presses his lips firmly against mine. My eyes widen in shock.

He stays put, not moving. When I start to kiss him back, he pulls away. He sighs, his twinkling eyes staring straight into mine.

"Were you good in school?" he asks me.

"What?" I ask, still in a half daze.

"Were you a goody two shoes or a total rebel?" he inquires.

"I skipped a few classes, but I mainly went. I also got straight A's," I respond.

"I was a rebel," he jokes. I roll my eyes.

"Ooo! You forgot to do problem 4!" I tease. He laughs and stands up. He reaches his hand down, and I take it, not letting go.

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