Chapter | 2

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Warning: Do not romanticize NO MATTER HOW SWEET THEY ARE, SINNERS 😤


After the almightly charming Prince Ryūji hoarded all the snacks, he proceeds to the empty gazebo with two trays fill with dessert and fruit. He wants to get away from those politicians as soon as possible; their gold and luxurious perfumes suffocate him. Hmm... Shen isn't here yet. Don't tell me he got lost?!

Suddenly, he hears someone's stomach rumble closely. Ryūji is a dog shifter with special hearing, of course. He sees that the noise comes from a person sitting on the stairs of the gazebo, facing the little pond.

Vampire. Ryūji cautiously steps back, but the person heard and turns around in shock. What met him was glistening red eyes that seemed to come from tears. The vampire was flustered from sadness as well, and he looks scared of the stranger behind him. He looks harmless.

Beautiful. Those red eyes glow the same way as the pond, mesmerizing and gorgeous. Reflected light from the tears which also glistened on their face. His hair is silky black and reaches his lower back, preserved by ancient Chinese traditions of keeping kids' hair untouched to honor their parents.

Ryūji may be very cautious of Vampires since their races aren't on good terms, but he still feels a little sympathy for this one. He doesn't look dangerous. "Uhm... hi? Y-you... are you hungry...?"

The vampire looks at his tray of food, finding no meat. Their eyes clearly faltered in disappointment, quickly wiping stray tears. "I'm okay..."

It's a male. From his accent, Ryūji concluded that this is an East Asian Diplomat as well, probably dragged here by his parents.

Vampires can eat sweets, but won't get satisfied by them. "Oh, I have fruits! Maybe that can help... or I can get some food for you inside." Ryūji swallows his insecurity about this vampire and places the tray beside him.

"N-no, I'm... I'm thirsty..." The vampire replies with a small voice, clearly stressed out and looks away from him.

Ryūji doesn't feel like this person is bad, so he grows even more concerned. "Why don't you go inside and have some... blood?"

"I... I'm a disgrace. I could never show my face in there after I refused to carry my Mother's title. She scolded me in front of everyone," he starts to cry, clearly ignoring the fact that Ryūji is still a stranger. A Shifter nonetheless. "I wanna go back home, not to the hotel with my Mom."

They're all in Japan for the gathering, after all. He doesn't seem to be a Japanese diplomat, he looks more Chinese.

"You don't want to be a diplomat?" Ryūji can see himself in this Vampire, having no desire of ruling at all. He only hates working under the SSN, but he loves the Shinji Yakuza Family and is obligated to take the load off his father, who took him in.

The vampire's stomach growls again. "I... don't wanna take part in any of this."

He's so pretty. Ryūji slowly eats a cookie because he too, is hungry. Still, he feels guilty that he can just satiate his hunger while someone here is starving.

"Hey, if you want, I can give you some of my blood..." Ryūji wants to slap himself. Wait, what am I doing, this is a vampire! The first vampire I've ever met, so--

But the gorgeous vampire looks up at him with the most pitiful of eyes, purely dark red to which the moonlight reflected beautifully. This is one beautiful vampire, and a starving one at that. "Y-you will?"

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