You know what I just won't show up here tomorrow. My mind keeps going back to leaving this damn town for good. It hurts seeing him. It hurts seeing those pictures. It all just hurts and I hate it. I walk into Zack's office discussing the stuff I needed to and eat my dinner. After I'm done I head back to my office but on my way I stop at the bar to throw my trash away but I get a surprise well not really but it still hurt. Seth is there standing in front of Jenny with her leash in his hand pulling on it. I guess punishing her she had the look of lust and fear at the same time. I guess it's the games he likes to play as the bitch always reminds he likes to play. I threw my stuff away turned on my heels and went back to my office where I sat down and cried. I truly didn't want to believe anything she was saying but it's all true. All of it.

"WHY is he doing this to me?" I scream to myself. How can he say he loves me and wants to go to the babies doctors appointment and then start messing with Jenny in front of me. I just cried harder! I think I will just leave. To hell with it I can't sit back and watch anymore.

I got up grabbed all the flowers that Seth has sent me and threw them in the trash and I went to grab the pictures and the letters that bitch has sent me but, they are gone. Did I throw them away or what? I can't think about it, I walked out the door to head back to Master Zacks office to let him know I am going to leave town and why. I know he will understand he has been watching Seth everytime he comes in to The Cage, he is my protector when Seth is here. I have caught him mumbling things like I want her out and she will pay for this for hurting my pet. I have no clue what he is talking about and it is not my place to ask.


Cole's POV

Oh hell no! That fucking crazy bitch. Did I just hear what I think I heard? Seth asked Jenny to marry him? Them being together. What the fuck is all his babbling about Jesse and his baby? Well for one thing I am about to find the fuck out! I stormed over to Seth and stopped dead in my tracks. Seth has Jenny collar in his hand and he is kissing her.

"What the fuck?! I yell at the top of my lungs and then see Seth push Jenny away.

"You fucking whore don't you ever fucking touch me again you bitch!" He yells at her.

"Seth!" I yell. "What the hell is going on here?!" I ask irritated. I then turn to Jenny and I glare at her and point my fingered. "I just heard this slut tell Jesse you are engagement to be married, This better be not fucking true my man!" I say gritting my teeth together. I stopped as I see the of shock on Seths face, is it because he is caught? "Oh hell no, have you be stringing Jesse and all of us along in some kind of fucked up game of yours." I say with venom. "Is the baby even yours Seth because I know she is Master Zack pet and under his protection. Maybe it is his baby!" I tell him. That seem to knock Seth of his shock and I saw his eyes turn to rage and his face turn red and a roar came out of his mouth and he lunged for Jenny!

"You fucking whore! What else did you tell her huh? I'd rather slit my own throat than have anything to do with you! I've never dated you I only fucked you twice and that make you think in that twisted head of yours we're getting married. I would never marry you you skanky bitch!" He growls at her gripping her throat choking her. She just smiles at him.

"Punish me baby I've been a bad girl." She chokes out. Seth is pissed as hell and she thinks he's playing with her.

I try to pull Seth off of her but its not working. So I holler at Adrian and he comes running over to help me out.

"Seth man let go of her." I tell him.

"No this bitch is on my last fucking nerve!" He growls at me.

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