Chapter 10

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Jesse's POV.

I don't get why he keeps showing up here. He's obviously with her why chase after me? Every night since Seth found out I work here he just comes up here and sits at the bar or goes hang out with Cole, Aaron and Ang if they are here. He doesn't do anything else but sits. He might have a few beers but he always watches me when I come out of my office. Always. It's kinda creepy. I guess I know why he took my so called stalking so badly because it is really fucking creepy. He has talked to me just small conversations nothing big just ask how I'm doing and how his baby is. I'll scoff and say it's not yours but we are both fine. He'll say good and that he wants to go to my next doctors appointment with me. I'll ask why would you want to my doctors appointment with me if it's not your child. He just says because it is his. I'll roll my eyes shaking my head no and walk away.

Oh and he sends me rose every night too. My office is covered in my favorite roses. I just don't get it because that skanky bitch is always there with him. But it's weird because she just usually on her knees close but far enough away from him. I guess her punishment or he's just that way with her I don't know. And I'm always receiving pictures of them together smiling at each other, kissing or cuddling and love letters declaring his love for her and notes from her reminding me to stay away from him. I'm getting so tired of them it down right annoying. She's got him I get it. Oh and that god damn smirk of hers I just want to rip it off her fucking face and shove it up her ass. Okay hormones talking there. I know I need to let go of him but I can't.

I walk out of my office for my dinner and water I brought tonight since I came into work early today so I could get off early because I have an early doctors appointment tomorrow. I walk out and see Seth, Cole, Aaron and Angie sitting on the couch joking and laughing I guess waiting for the next show. Ang always at Aaron side on her knees as he pets her hair Cole with his subs, Seth sitting in between them and of course that bitch not far on her knees. I shake my head disgusted by her. I walk behind the bar to get my stuff and turn around back around heading towards my office just as Seth stops me.

"How you feeling?" He ask me. I sigh heavily.

"I'm fine Seth." I say.

"The baby?" He ask.

"Fine, nothing has changed since yesterday." I tell him. He nods an okay.

"So when is you next appointment?" He ask putting his arms over his chest.

"For petesakes tomorrow Seth?" I say exasperated.

"Time?" he ask.

"10:30." I tell him.

"I'll pick you up here at nine." He tells me.

"Seth why do you insist on going with me to the doctor when it's not your baby?" I ask him.

"Because we both know it is and I told you when we started trying I wanted to be there for everything." He says. I just stare at him shocked that he even remembered that.

"Fine, nine it is." I finally sigh giving in.

"Thank you." He tells me pulling me into a hug. "I'm still in love with you Jesse baby." He says pulling away. I just nod and smile walking away. I don't know why I'm doing this.

As I'm walking back to my office while thinking what an idiot I am for letting him take me. I run into none other then that bitch. I sigh closing my eyes. Why didn't I go in through the front door instead of the back. Oh yeah I needed to stop by Zack's office and talk to him. Ugh!

"Didn't I tell you to leave him alone. He doesn't want you Jesse why don't you get that? He is only wanting to use you to make me jealous. So, he could catch me which he did." She says showing off her engagement ring again to me! "You were nothing but a toy Jesse he loves me not you. Can't you get that through that pathetic little head of yours. I mean seriously Jesse look at me, I have a body to die for and Seth can't get enough of me he says I am the best fuck he's ever had and he just wants to burst just thinking about me and you are nothing but a boring fuck. Oh and Jesse Seth said every time he had to fuck you or just the thought of fucking you he would get sick. The only way he got through it was and, just to get it up he had to think of me the whole time" She says as she laughs! "Jesse did your ever wonder about when some of the pictures I sent you were taken... Hmm. Well, let me in lighting that Naïve little brain of yours. You see when you finally fell asleep at night Seth would crawl out of bed and come over to my house. He couldn't get out of his loft fast enough. You know the first thing he would do after kiss me passionately, we would take a shower to scrub away your disgusting scent. It made his skin crawl." She says laughing at me! "Those pictures were of us in bed after we fucked and made love! I am the only one that satisfies him sexually! I repeat this again so can understand We. Are. Getting. Married and soon. Just fucking back off you stupid whore. Move on go away whatever just stay away from him. I've had enough of you chasing after him. You take one more step in his direction I promise you Jesse it will be your last." She threatens me. I listen to her babbling the whole time not really sure what to say. Did Seth really have to think of her when we made love, no correction when he pity fucked me.... damn, Jenny has me second guessing what Seth and I had and what I thought we shared. How could he do that that sick bastard, I guess I never really knew who the real Seth was. I didn't say another thing to her as I walked away and all I hear was Jenny mouthing off. "Remember Jesse stay away from my baby my soon to be husband you whore. Look at you, who would want a fat cow like you anyways and with a bastards child at that!" She yelled. I kept walking with tears in my eyes but I refuse to let them go as I walked straight to Zack's office office

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