Screwed Over..(x3) CH.1

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**Authors Note!!**

--Okay, so this is actually unedited and all of that, so believe me when I say I'm SO sorry if it sucks!(: I just decided to write what came to mind...and this is what happened. I hope you like it, because I need your support to keep me motivated to write! Have fun!--


                                                                      Chapter one

I pulled up to the building on my black 2009 interceptor. Everything looked blacked, but it was

probably because I still had my helmet on. I stopped in front of the school and chuckled. “I missed

you, did you miss me? Oh I know you missed me.” I said out loud.

No response.

Figures. I mean what did I expect? The school to come alive and yell, “Hello, Madison! So nice to

have you back! I missed you spray-painting my old ugly brick walls!”? No. Inanimate objects do not

talk. No, that’s a lie. Hello? Beauty and the Beast? Duh. But seriously, why isn’t anyone here?

Then it clicked.

Jewish holiday! That’s cool, that’s cool.

That, my friend, was sarcasm.

I looked down at my watch. 5:09am. I sighed. Oh, great, yeah, totally fucking great. School doesn’t

start for another two hours. I threw my head back and groaned. “What the hell, man.” I moaned,

resting my head on the front of my bike and closed my eyes. Two hours of driving above the speed

limit for nothing. Dammit, I had to flash an officer for nothing! Repeat: What the hell, man!

“Excuse me,” a static-like voice boomed from somewhere within this God-forsaken place. I

immediately jumped at the sound, goose bumps running up my back.

“What the f-”

“Please exit the area; you are on school property.” the voice cut me off. I snorted. “Well, I go here.” I

shrugged once I realized who’s voice it was. “Not like you would care, Mrs. Rubendoll. You kicked

me out in the first place.” Which was true, but totally not cool. She kicked me out because of

something so stupid.  I mean what’s the big deal? All I did was…well…heh. Never mind.

 The speakers which I now realized were coming from both sides of the front doors began to buzz

the most freakin' annoying sound I have ever heard. I clamped my hands over my ears and

groaned, squeezing my eyes shut.


 My God, it was almost as bad as my hangover three nights ago.

 The buzzing immediately stopped and I unclamped my ears and opened my eyes. The front doors

opened and an old scrawny lady stepped out with short grey hair and light blue eyes that crinkled at

the edges. I grinned at her, noticing how many wrinkles she had gotten. I’d only been gone--what,

three months? I took my helmet off and climbed off my bike, pulling down my shirt which had ridden

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