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2nd day. I hope shit does get any wilder.

I think I'm love. This bed is just so comfortable and so big. I bet 5 or even 6 people can fit in. I mean, my bed IS HALF MY ROOM. And it was perfect.
I'm so not getting up.

"Get up"
"Fuck off!" I replied.
I'm sure that was Eliot outside my door commanding me. It's still 7. Early as fuck. Who'd wanna wake up that early?

"Not a morning person?" As he sat on my bedside scratching his bed hair. I was on my white straps, black leggings and bun. I must have slept forgetting to untie my hair.

Funny, he's as drowsy as I am. I ignored his question closed my eyes tucking myself till im contented with my sleeping position.
"Whatever, don't say I told you so" I felt him laying down near my foot as if we were forming a T. Then I went back to my slumber..

" HELL!" Eliot yelled.
ughh. I wanna rip his head off. So loud.
"SHIIIIT!!" I cursed.
I'm wet !
No. We were both wet.
I got up to see Hans with a water bucket and the twins wide awake behind him.

"I told you to wake her up. Not sleep with her" Hans glared at Eliot.
"Geeeez, you make it sound bad mom" drying his shirt.
"Still not getting off that bed" Hans had his arms crossed.
"NOPEEE" we prolonged.
"Okay then" as he snapped his finger
The twins got infront of my bed.
"What the hell man? You gay now?"
Eliot pushing Leo off
"Gay for you" Leo winked.

Then I had to face my problem. Caspar.
"Don't play rough woman." Pulling my arms.
"They're gonna break!" Damn!
"LAURIE!" Eliot called as he finally pushed Leo off and extended his hand.
I took it and we both off as we were eloping heading to his room and locked it as soon as we got in.

"Wow. That was stupid." I told myself.
"Goodnight" as he walked and fall down his bed. It was smaller than mine, Im not sleeping on that bed.
So I pretty much laid on the floor till the door opened and I rolled away. BUTT HURT.

There stood Hans and Leo approached Hanging me upside down on his shoulder "Bad kitty" he shook me.
God that made me dizzy. Then I saw Caspar dragging Eliot out of his bed by foot.

Must have felt good dragging the guy who pushed you off the ocean when you got disqualified from a competition mistaken as your brother making out with one of the judges I thought.

"10 minutes" Leo pushed me into the bath tub and got out. I swear my butts either gonna deflate or get flat if I continue living in this house.

10 minutes ? I can finish in 5. Where I did so and got out of my bathroom and headed to my dresser.
I wore a simple white loose shit and black leggings with my black heeled sneakers. Yep, this will do and headed to the dinning room.

" Looks like the girls faster than Eliot"
Hans said as I sat down.
"Thats cause he's asleep" Leo said.
"I can hear him snore" Caspar added.
"Wow. Consider that as a talent" I praised while Hans stood marching upstairs to wake that ass up.

"Hans! I'm gonna marry you" as Leo started digging into breakfast and oh my god. Are those pancakes with strawberries, whip-cream and syrup plus sausage and bacon along a pitcher of mango juice and hot choco ?! Hans I love you ! I'm pigging out alright !

"Sit down and eat" Hans ordered Eliot. As soon as he got back.
"Don't mind if I do" not hesitating and starts to dig-in.

"Sorry" Caspar apologized
"Again?" I asked
" I wasn't myself, I was..rather thinking of me stabbing my brother to death." He paused.
"Not creeping you out"
"Ouch bro. Right in the feeling box" tapping his chest.

"Yes, well hurry cause the reason why your up early would be picking Katya up" Hans reasoned.
"Ohh. The ballerina" Leo states.
"Thats sad. You didnt even bother picking us up" I frowned.
"Well your manager said you can handle yourself. And what ? Eliot, who'd wanna pick a guy up?"
"Mom! Don't say that" Eliot interrupts.
"Quit calling me mom son"

Seriously this two.

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