Day 13: The Bible Is Great Protection Against Criminals

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                                                        Singing I lo-lo-love you,

                                                        At least I think I do.


Start Destination: Berlin, Germany

End Destination: Berlin, Germany

Via: Olympiastadion


6:37AM (GMT) / 7:37AM (Local Time)


I am awoken by my phone buzzing.

It is plugged into the socket behind my bed and so the whole mattress begins to vibrate meaning there is no real way for me to ignore it.

Groggily, I unlock it to see that I have several texts from Doug.

Doug: You’ll never believe what I got you.

Doug: Seriously you’ll never believe it,

Doug: Fine, you’re apparently not going to reply to me so I’ll just tell you.

Doug: I may or may not have got you backstage passes for the Blakely show in Stockholm.

Jess: You’re joking right?

Doug: No way

Jess: You are actually the best

Doug: I know ;)

Instantly I leap out of my bed, ready to tell Rosie and Elise the exciting news. Rosie begins to lash out at me as I wake her up but eventually she returns to a state of semi-consciousness and I decide that she is ready to hear the news.

“Guess who got backstage passes to a Blakely concert,” I sing.

“Is it that bitch Madison, I swear to god if it’s her I’m going to rip each one of her perfect blonde hairs out,” Rosie warns.

I am not entirely sure how she came to that conclusion and decide to carry on.

I got backstage passes to a Blakely concert,” I tell them.

They both stare at me in shock for a few moments, mouths agape before Elise begins to scream and suddenly Rosie joins her. Somehow, I find myself crying, tears rolling down my cheeks from happiness. This is finally it, we can finally meet our idols.

“What, what is it?” Levi asks as he bursts into our room.

In his hand he is holding a very large bible and he is dressed in nothing but a pair of striped boxers.

He clearly thinks that there is some kind of emergency but instead of discovering some creepy dude trying to kill us he whirls around the room until his eyes land on the three of us in hysterics.

“What’s so funny?” he asks.

“What’s with the bible?” I reply.

“Well I heard you scream.”


“And I thought you might be in trouble so I came to save you.”

“Well thanks Romeo,” Rosie says dryly, “but we don’t need saving especially not by you. So will you please put some god damn clothes on?”

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