New BabyBoy

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Iida 6'4

Deku 5'4

Bakugou 4'10

No one POV:

Iida is a rich billionaire who is a CEO. He needed help in taking care of his little izuku midoryia since he has a lot of work so he decided in getting a nanny, so he hired bakugou

Bakugou POV:

Day #1

"Hello bakugou its nice to finally meet you this little guy is deku" The very tall man says, I gulp and nod

"H-hello" I say nervously

"Hmm your a lot shorter then expected, will you still be able to care for him?" He asks raising a brow

"Yes sir I'll be fine" I say blushing a little embarrassed, he nods satisfied

"I'll still be with you the whole time my work is on the computer I just need someone to give my little one attention" he says, I look at the green haired boy

"Yes sir" I say

"Good boy now follow me" he says I nod blushing and follow him down to the basement which is actually a really big playroom

"Wow" I accidentally said out loud he looks at me amused

"I'll be on the couch all you have to do is play with him" Iida says setting izuku on the floor

"Got it" I say and sit on the floor with him, izuku began playing with blocks so I helped him, Iida watched a little bit smiling. After that he watched paw patrol I sat and watched it with him it wasn't that bad

"Lunch time" Iida announced, a whine escaped my lips, Iida raised a brow with a small smile amused at my action. I covered my mouth and stood up and turned the tv off as he picked deku up I followed them to the kitchen

"Feed him for me his little age is 3-4 so he can eat solid foods" Iida informs me setting him in the high chair I nod and making dinosaur nuggets and fill a sippy cup with apple juice. I set it on his tray and watch him eat

"Do you want me to make you anything sir?" I ask

"No that's quite alright" he says, I nodded and cleaned up izukus face when he finished

"He's done sir" I say Iida looks up and nods

"Now is outside time" he says and picks up the excited little and I follow them to the giant backyard

"Go play" Iida says happily setting the boy down

"Come on Baku play tag wif me!" He says and tags me I smile and chase him in the grass, Iida watched us with a smile but then I tripped over a rock. I couldn't stop the tears from coming down my cheeks slowly. Iida ran up to me and picked me up bridal style and carried me back in the house izuku followed along

"Shh no tears it's okay" he says setting me on kitchen counter and getting out a bandaid and placing it on me knee

"See all better you need to be more careful little one" he says I nod wiping my tears

"I'm sorry sir I failed" I said disappointed and blushing at the nickname

"No no you did so good you have been such a good boy today" he says and kisses my forehead I blush again embarrassed at his choice of words

"Thank you sir" I say in a whisper tone

"Why don't you go play with izu some more I finish work in a couple minutes" he says picking me of the counter and back on my feet

"You mean watch?" I say

"I mean play" he says turning me around and taking me and izukus hand and taking us back to the play room

"Yay let's play!" Izuku says pulling my arm a little too hard

"Okay nicely with your baby brother" Iida says my eyes pop out of my head

"Wait what!?" I yell now trying to get out of izukus hold but he's stronger than me

"Sorry dada" he says, Iida then leaves the room

"Let's pway!" he says I shake my head no, now crying, my crying seemed to snap him out of little space

"Hey hey hey it's okay" he said with no more baby talk and walk us over to the couch and set me on his lap

"Shhh dry those tears, why are we crying hm?" He asks I lay my head on his shoulder

"I'm confused I'm not a little I was just supposed to help out with them not be one" I say my tears slowly down into sniffles

"Hey it's not a bad thing you'll love it" he says holding me close

"But-" I got cut off by the door opening and Iida stepping in his eyes immediately went to me, he quickly picked me up on his hip

"Baby could you go play in the living room while we talk" he says to izu, he nodded getting back into little space and leaving

"My sweet baby boy what's got you all worked up" he says talking to me like a infant

"I don't wanna be a baby" I whined

"You're not just any baby though you're daddy's baby" Iida says kissing my cheek

"Give it a try please?" He pleads I look at him for a few seconds

"Fine" I say he smiles and kisses my face everywhere

"I think you've and izuku had a long day let's get you both in bed now do you wanna sleep alone is the nursery, have a sleep over with deku, or sleep with daddy?" He asks, I don't wanna sleep in a nursery or with him

"Sleep over" I say quietly but he hears a nods walking out to the living room

"Come on baby it's bedtime" he tells izu who he also picks up on his other hip, he changes us both into pgs I got a cat onesie and izu got a Dino he also gave him a pull-up and me a diaper. I wasn't happy about that part but i just wanted sleep more than anything. He layer up in the bed izu pulled me to his chest hugging me

"Goodnight my two favorite little boys" he says kissing both of are foreheads

"Night" he both say in sink and went to bed

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