Chapter 9: Become the Demon Emperor!

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T/N: Not sure if I should change Sage -> Holy Maiden/Saint

1. Sage sounds strange in CN Novels, much less a Xianxia cultivation setting.

2. Calling a demon cultivator a Holy Maiden/Saint is weird and pretty contradictory.


Lin Qianshuang, who was pressed on the ground by Han Shengyao, felt uneasy from the intimidating and oppressive aura coming from the throne.

The gaze of the demon emperor felt like a sharp knife, threatening to tear her into four pieces.

She felt a faint sense of crisis.

She had a premonition where, as soon as she stood before him, there was a high possibility of being slapped to death by him.

Han Shengyao's eyes lingered on the sight of the Demon Emperor for a few seconds. The hand used to press on Lin Qianshuang's head slowly lowered.


The indifferent command sounded in her ears without a question.

Lin Qianshuang looked between Han Shengyao, who was slowly turning fierce, and the Demon Emperor on the throne, whose body was surrounded by a brewing storm. She immediately realized with fear that these two people were fighting in secret.

Han Shengyao instructed her to go in front of the Demon Emperor, so she had no reason to refuse, and it was also her problem......

Even if there was a chance that she might die.

The terrifying sight of the Demon Emperor, whose look could kill, made Lin Qianshuang apprehensive. She braced herself and jumped on the steps, walked to the throne, and sat down.

The Demon Emperor quickly lifted his hand and grabbed her by the neck, strangling her as he raised her in the air.

Lin Qianshuang suffocated, and just as she felt like she was about to die, he let her go.

His eyes held a look of incomprehension, gazing at her strangely.

"You're a female beast."

Lin Qianshuang, who had almost choked to death, was desperately gasping for air while paying attention to the expression on the Demon Emperor's face. His originally murderous aura vanished, and his line of sight retracted from her and shifted to Han Shengyao's kneeling form. The corners of her mouth had curled up to an indiscernible smile.

"Han Shengyao is the Sage who belongs to the Demon Realm in both mind and body. Neither this deity, nor can any other man, defile or possess her." (1)

The Demon Emperor was transmitting his voice to Lin Qianshuang through her sea of divine consciousness. He stored away the murderous aura that had flooded his entire body, and placed a hand on her skull with the intention to deal a fatal blow.

His gaze pierced through her body as he warned her in a threatening tone, "Be glad that you're a female beast, and a beautiful one at that. Otherwise, this deity would have killed you on the spot."

She was heavily thrown to the ground, rolling towards Han Shengyao.

Her body felt sore all over, but great waves were surging in her heart.

The Demon Emperor observed Han Shengyao with undisguised jealousy in his eyes, he was actually possessive of her.

Lin Qianshuang saw everything clearly.

The Demon Emperor himself didn't notice, but to onlookers, it was clear. An alarm sounded in Lin Qianshuang's heart when she realized that he had feelings for Han Shengyao.

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