It's Possible. ~*Rated R*~

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Cliffs (P.O.V) Still.

I was lost for words. I wave of emotions washed over me, one's that definately confused me. This was the scent. The scent that was getting me bigger, harder, god how is that even possible! I stayed still, stone, starring, no longer keeping silent. "Huh?" I blurted, lamely, and I felt my cheeks actually turn pink in embarrassment. "Do you. Need. A hand." Mockery. Childish mockery. And I blushed deeper, trying to clear my throat. Yet, even though I felt lust, I was still so confused. He crouched infront of me, nothing showing on his face but wonder. Stark, Stark crouching infront of me, now showing a small knowing smile. My breath hitched, and I starred into his eyes. "Why do I love you?" I breathed. He cocked his head to the side and touched my cheek. "Ah." I hissed, feeling my length, enlarge and throb, and sparks shoot through my body. "Cause' I'm your mate." he smirked, and he looked sexy as hell. Sexy? Can a guy be sexy to me? Yes, cause' Stark was sexy, beautiful even. Fuck, he needs to stop touching my face, and touch me in other places. He chuckled, as if understanding my thoughts. He lifted me too my feet, and I pressed my back up against a wall. He took a hesitant step back to look at me. Still, smiling. I blinked to make sure he was real.


Building up all the courage I could, I tried to to stutter, and failed. "S-so, how about that h-hand?" I asked. He smirked wider, reaching back to kick the bathroom door closed with his foot, and pulling my waist towards him. It all happened so fast, I felt winded, but found myself smirking back. He rubbed his hands up my sides, inside of my shirt, then back down to my hips. His grip was tight, dominant, and I was extremely turned on. Using his hands he slid them down my hips, and under my jeans slightly, pushing my boxers lower. Still griping tightly, he stroked my 'V' line bones with his thumbs, gettings harder and harder, then slow again, building until it was unbareable. By the 5th time he did it, I whimpered, feeling like the submissive, and just wanted him to grasp me in his hands tight, squeezing me. To take control. But he continued doing it, still grinding his thumb into my bone as hard as he could, going back to slow, and starting up again. Only now, he was sucking on my neck, blowing, biting, teasing. It all felt right to me, sparks, heat, flaring my body, he was my mate. It was undeniable.I arched my back and pressed my member against his thigh. He stopped sucking, and sideways glanced at me like I'd been bad, smirking, taunting. And before I knew it, he was slipping his hand into my boxers, grabbing me roughly, and rubbing away.

I wanted to scream. The pleasure wasn't anything I've felt before, only it was so strong, it hurt. "Fuck, please." I moaned gripping the edge of the sink. "Just relax." He told me, licking his thumband fore finger for a brief moment, then starting to rub me off again. My knees felt weak, but I held myself up best I could. Stark noticing, smirked, and stopping again, he nudged me towards the sink, so I leaned my lower back against it. When he gripped me again, I moaned, resting my head on his shoulder. "There, keep going." I begged. I beg so much with him. I liked how that made me feel, how he made me feel. He can touch me, and I couldn't touch myself? That's confusing. Was it because he was my mate? He squeezed my length, gripping, grinding his hand into me, and rubbing on at the bottom of my erection. Everything was building, My thoughts clearly didn't matter, cause I was about to explode all over Stark if he didn't back away right now. But instead, as if he knew was I was thinking he stopping. Stopped grinding and gripping and rubbing, just stopped and smiled at me.

I whimpered again. "Why'd you stop, keep going." I urged arching my back and going on my tip toes. He chuckled and played with my hair. "The bigger the shot, the better. You won't have to go through this again, at least not with the pain." he smirked. My breath caught in my throat again. "Like, it won't hurt to have a hard on?" I asked confused. Why did I feel so... defeated aroun him? "Nope. You'll actually want to have a boner for me." He teased. Then leaning close to my ear, his breath carressing my neck, he whispered "So I'm gonna make this intense for you." his voice husky, and daring, and promising. I moaned, begging him to start again, withering beneath him. He laughed again. But granted my dying wish, and gripped me, keeping me still in his hands. Licking my lips, he smiled down at me, and with two hands, going opposite directions, starting grinding up and down my length. But once again, just before I blew, he would stop. He started sucking on my neck, kissing it, but never my lips. I wanted to cry in fustration and just do it myself, but it felt wrong to try. After a whole lot of begging, he started again.

Rough, no mercy, and before I knew it, I was warning him to back away. "S-Stark.." I stuttered, feeling myself throb, tense up. He ground his whole palm, fingers wrapped around me in the tightest way, all the way to my tip, and jerked me forward, towards him, making me explode 4 shots of cum, all of which landing between his stroking hands, and all over the stomach of his deep navy blue shirt, in a white splat. I felt relief when my previous erection went down, and he let me go. I watched as he brought his fingers to his mouth and licked eachone slowly. My eyes dazed over, and my breathing became heavy pants. He just winked, a smirk lacing his lips. I gripped onto him though, scratching at his chest as I met my lips with his, wanting to taste him now, in some kind of way. He was shocked for a second, but quickly recovered and kissed me back for a few seconds, before we just had to pull away and rested our foreheads on eachothers to catch our breath. "Sorry about your shirt." I laughed, regaining my strength and bravery. He chuckled too. Reaching down to admire his shirt, pulling it outwards to look at it. He shrugged. "I thinks it's abstract, what about you." I barked out laugh and punched his shoulder. "Perv." I muttered. He gripped my waist. "Want me to show you perv, again?" He smirked.

My eyes grew wide, "Noo, no. I don't think I could last through that again. Let's just wait till next time." I mimicked his smirk and it was his turn to bark laughter. His grip didn't loosen. "So does this mean.. that you accept me?" Stark asked me and I raised an eyebrow. "Duh?" I asked, confused. He smiled. "Well, you have a rep, once and man whore, always a man whore." He told me, and I smirked. "I'd rather just be your whore." I told him honestly. "Good. Cause' when stuff like this happens.. And it will again, trust me..." He gestured towards his 'abstract' shirt with my cum stain, "I'll always be the dominant, baby." he grinned. A gasped escaped my lips and all I could do was nod as he stroked my 'V' line bones again. "So then it's you who smells so good?" I asked. He laughed. "Yeah, I guess you could say that. And how do I taste?" He smirked. I winked at him, but didn't say anything. "So, am I.. gay then?" I asked, a little breathless. "Do you feel gay?" Stark asked me. I shrugged. "I know that I love you. And I definitely love what just happened." I nervousily laughed and he smiled at me. "Well sorry, I'm just not into you, I'm straight." He said, in a high pitch girly voice. I laughed and shoke my head punching his shoulder again. "Just shut up and kiss me, jerk." I told him, and met his lips half way. Only to be interupted by a knock at the bathroom door.


Sorry to all the Cliff lovers! :P But he doesn't bat for our team anymoreee :*

Were'nt expecting that huh? Yeah,  I guess not.  LOL.

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