Creating Memories

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Luca's POV

As we all left the house we had chosen to get ice cream together. As we're walking towards the store many people greet us. I look over at Alberto as he walks in his favorite pose. He looks so happy when he's in that pose. As I'm thinking I remember the race and spark up a conversation.

"Are we going to sign up for the race this year guys?"-L
"Yeah of course! Haha."-G
"I mean we should before you guys leave again."-A
"Sign up ends this Thursday so we might as well."-L
"Yeah!"-A and G
As we order our ice cream we head out and go to back to Giulia's house to hang out in the tree. We're welcomed with Massimo smiling at us. We sit down together and start brainstorming who gets what part. In the end I ended up being the biker, Alberto swims, and Giulia eats.

"Man wouldn't it be amazing if people had their own secrets? Y'know like maybe they're a angel or a demigod or something," Alberto sighed. "I mean yeah that would be cool haha. But who knows what I do know is that a secret people could have is there sexuality." Giulia replied. "Yeah and speaking of that Giulia what's your sexuality?" I questioned actually curious. "Ah this is a secret so please don't tell anyone but I'm pansexual haha." She said scratching her elbow. She started looking worried and was about to say something before Alberto interrupted her. "Hey that's cool Giulia! I myself am gay just keep it a secret." She looked up and smiled at him.

Giulia's POV

As soon as I told them my sexuality I immediately regretted it and was about to say something before Alberto interrupted me to announce his. I felt so relieved that they didn't think it was weird. As the afternoon progressed we did a drawing contest and Alberto won. He had gotten a lot better since last time we were here. As we all retired Luca and Alberto decided to spend the night at the tower. And as they left I just knew that they were meant for each other.

Alberto's POV

Me and Luca walked side by side once we said goodbye to Massimo and Giulia. The sun was setting and it looked beautiful. The light breeze patted my face and left me refreshed. "Race you!" Luca yelled at me as he started running. "Oh you're on!" I yelled back catching up to him. We both jumped into the water at the same time and kept changing spots. In the end Luca won and we both laughed together as we tryed to catch our breaths. As we settled down we climbed up to the tower and once we were inside I asked if he wanted to make a tent and we both agreed.

Luca's POV

As we were building our tent it reminded me of something. "Hey remember when we built our own Vespa when we first met?" "Of course I do! I love our memories together. I just hope we make more before you leave." He sighed. "We'll make enough memories that we'll remember when we're older don't worry!" I said giving him a reassuring smile. As we finished up the tent had three sticks that stuck out and a blanket on top with a entrance. We layed down next to each other Alberto put his arm around me again and I put mine on his chest. I let out a deep breathe as I felt relaxed.

"Hey luca."
"I have something important to say you tomorrow."
"Me too."

I shut my eyes and started wondering what it was as I dozed off huddled next to him.

624 words. Let me know if there's anything wrong or if you have any tips! :)

Also I noticed how this chapter repeats many words which is a problem but it was like 2 am when I wrote this so I apologize.

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