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A/N: welcome all to my second Romanogers story and third story I wrote on Wattpad! Don't worry about Winter In NYC b/c that will still be my main story yet this one will be more active than A Ghosts Wishes. Anyway, the plot in this one is basically the Avengers storyline, with my twists.
He could hear voices, screaming all around him. He looked at the barren landscape below him.
His soldiers. His soldiers. Were dying below him while he was destroying HYDRA's secret weapon.
Suddenly a plane flew right past him.
'Steve! Steve!', a female voice shouted at him, along with a male giving him the -you will not die- look.
'Peggy! Bucky! It's not safe to be here!'
'Steve! We can't leave you! I can't leave you!'
Out of nowhere a small jet came up and shot Bucky out of the plane he and Peggy were in.
'Bucky! Noooo!', Steve watched his best friend fall ever lower down into a crevice.
'Get out of here Peggy! Or the jet won't be your only problem!'
'I can't leave you Steve!'
'Peggy, I love you but for your own safety please get out of here!'
'Alright'. And with tears in her eyes Peggy Carter left the scene.

With quick hands Steve opened up the hatch to disable the bomb. In the process, he fell off.

Peggy, if your reading this letter, something has happened to me. I promise we'll see each other again, in this life or another.
------------------time skip 70 years-------
' is he awake yet?'
'Colson for the last time not yet!'
Steve could hear voices. A female and a male.
Girls always gushed over him so he predicted the female voice was happy to see him.
Actually, the male voice, Colson, was the one excited.
Must be a fan
Steve was thinking.
Wait why is everything black!?
Your eyes are closed idiot
Steve slowly opened his eyes.
The first thing he landed on was a striking pair of emerald eyes
She was giving him a glare.
'He's awake Colson'
'What really! Oh wow! Back off Romanoff!'
Steve was to busy starring at the attractive woman in front of him rather than pay attention to Colson.
The woman had short curly dark red hair and was wearing a black skin tight catsuit.
It took all of his self control to not kiss the woman in front of him.
That's when he realized he was madly in love with her.
-----------Natasha's P.O.V----------------
Natasha saw Captain Rogers eyes fluttered open and immediately settled on a glare.
But his baby blue eyes made her knees feel like jelly, and it was hard not to stutter.
Rogers just watched her for a couple of minutes, he seemed to have not been noticing Colson being a fangirl right now.
'If I wasn't any smarter Rogers I wouldn't notice you giving me lovely-dovey eyes right now.'
'I uh.....'
Natasha watched him look around the room as he stood up.
'Excuse me ma'm'
'I'm Steve'
She saw his eyes wonder and settle on the TV.
She also noticed he started having a panic attack
'Natasha! What year is this?!'
'2012, but please calm down Steve!,'
Natasha quickly rushed to his side, but it was to late.
Steve had broken through the wall of the SHIELD hospital room he was staying in.
She followed him out and saw him looking at the new surroundings.
'Welcome to the future Steve'
A/N: just like Colson, I'm having a fangirl moment too. For those of you who are big fans of Black Widow(a.k.a Natasha Romanoff), her past is going to be explored a little in Avengers:Age of Ultron shown in theaters this upcoming May. When I saw a interview with the Editor for Age of Ultron, he said when asked about making a Black Widow movie, he responded with," we are definitely in the process of making one which should be out late fall we hope." I literally had a heart attack*not*. Not only that but I might have found out the titles of the movie.
One might be Budapest or Kiss or Kill.
Anyway. Comment if you see any mistakes or want to talk about the upcoming Avenger/BlackWidow movie. Don't forget to vote and follow me! Also if you like this story add it to your library so you now when new chapters are posted, and go read my other Romanogers story Winter in NYC if you like this one!
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Happy reading!
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EDIT 6/1/2016: guys, this starts out super cringy but I promise you, it gets better as it goes on and I'm a much better writer now so please don't leave just because of my early cringy chapters.

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