Chapter 6

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Katy didn't join our ride, and Ken asked me to sit in the passenger seat. We didn't talk throughout the ride, which got my sleepy mode back on. BridgeCross Academy, my school was a 10 minutes ride from home. So, 10 minutes have passed.

Arrived school.

We had the same class first session on Monday, but Ken headed to class so fast without me. What? He's mad at me? Fine. I said I'm sorry. I was only joking. Stay mad. I don't give a potato about it. Jeez.

Classes were fine except Ken avoiding me. What was wrong with him?

I was going to Divine, the bar, tonight with my girl friends in Physics class.

Drink. Drank. Drunk.

I went to drink.

I drank a lot. Mission accomplished.

I was drunk. That's not part of the mission. But I managed to do that too.

"Kris. Kris can you go home alone?" I didn't know who was speaking. But i nodded.

"I don't think she could. Look at her state." Ahh. This one is Jenny from physics class.

"I'm fiiiiiiinnee." I felt funny. I was hungry and full at the same time.

"Jen, Call Ken to pick her up." Voice recognition denied.

"Ken? Which Ken?" Jenny? What is she doing here?

"UGHH. Ken Hembrick. The one that sticks with her all the time." Who are you? Hey! Answer me. Can't you hear me? Hey!!!

"Stop it Kris. You are going to take someone's eyes out." What? Eyes? Whose?

"Hello? Ken? This is Jenny.....Can you come and pick Kris up at Divine?.....Okay, Please hurry. Bye."

"He's coming." Who's coming? He? Who? Where am I?

"We are going first, Kris. Sorry, but Ken's coming to get you. Wait here." Ken? No, Ken's mad at me. No wait.

I tried to stand up but the world was turning upside down.

Someone carried me somewhere. A boy. I yanked his hairs to see his face.

"Ouch. Kris. Stop it."

Ken? Shit.

"Kris. What are you doing? Stop kicking the air. Oh for fuck's sake, here. Get in the car. Your legs. Ouch my leg." What was Ken saying? I didn't understand a word. My stomach hurt.

"Shit. No. Kris. Dont. Not here. SHIT." My stomachache got better. Where am I? This place smelled so bad. Like puke.

"KRIS!" Who's calling me? I turned up, greeted by Ken's irritated face.

"Ken? What are you doing here? Can we get out of here? This place smells." I asked, felt sick again after opened my mouth. Ken stared at me like he wanted to murder me.

"Right. This place smells like puke! My legs, My jeans. My car!"

"What? Oh. Sorry." I tried to smile but it looked more like a smirk.

"UGHHH. Close the door. I need to clean my feet this instance."

Ken stopped in front of his house. He hurried in and rushed to the bathroom.

Today was a mess. A huge disaster. I'm hungry. But first, I smelled like puke. I pushed the door open.

Ken. Jeans. Down. Wet. Feet. Jeans. Down. Kris. Eyes. Wide.


I closed the door, unable to get the picture I just saw out of my head. Dont get the wrong idea, his undie was on, but still. Those thighs. Those legs. White. Look soft. WTF DID I JUST THINK? My face was burning.

Ken came out. Unable to meet his gaze, I rushed in the bathroom, panting. My back was against the door. Ken's legs was swirling in my mind. I washed my face to wake my instinct but it didn't help much. Ken's legs....

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