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First fanfiction, I hope you enjoy!

Meeting on Olympus (Winter Solstice)

Poseidon sat bored on his throne, while Zeus struggled to get control over the meeting he was sitting, his head resting on his fist, while trying to shut down the noises of the Throne Room. 

Athena had stopped arguing, and was talking to Artemis about the uselessness of me, Pfft! Whatever that means. Ares and Hephaestus were fighting over Aphrodite, who was dabbing her lips with some lipstick, smirking at the two gods arguments, Demeter and Hades were arguing about whether Persephone should get more vacation time with Demeter, Hermes was on his phone taking messages and calls, Apollo was coming up with horrible Haiku's, Hera was talking with Zeus, something about their family issues, and Hestia sat by the hearth, silently stoking the flames. 

Yep, just a regular day with his immortal family. 

The Giant War was over, Zeus had gotten over his pride and Olympus was open to half-bloods once more. Which brought him on the subject of his son, Perseus, or Percy as he liked to be called. 

A smile played on Poseidon's lips, his demigod son, his pride and joy. Percy was a great son, he was brave, strong, loyal, it just hurt Poseidon to not be able to talk with him much. But rules are rules. 

Suddenly, an odd feeling overcame Poseidon. he could always feel if something was wrong in the ocean, evil monsters lived in the oceans depths, but that was normal. This feeling, it was cold, and sinister, it felt out of place, yet kind of familiar. 

Something was wrong. 

Poseidon shivered, even though he wasn't cold. The feeling was in his gut, it didn't go away, it only grew, it made him worry, he searched through his mind. Why was this sensation familiar? 

"Poseidon?! Poseidon!?" someone was yelling. 

He looked up, all the gods and goddesses were looking at him worried. 

"Are you alright hon?" Aphrodite asked, Poseidon realized he was gripping his throne, his face was pale. 

He shook his head, "S-something's wrong...In the ocean I mean." he put his head in his hands, thinking harder than ever. 

"Are you sure?" Apollo asked. "Maybe your just sick." 

"He's a god remember." Athena said. "He can't get ill that easily." 

Sick? ill? That's when Poseidon remembered , his eyes widened in horror, he knew why the feeling was familiar, and he knew that his family was now in danger.

"Oh no!" he whispered, without warning he flashed away. He reappeared in his Kingdom. Merpeople swam peacefully, although some seemed to notice the feeling of danger in the water, dolphins acted skittish, as did the other sea life. 

"Amphrite!" Poseidon yelled. "Triton!" No one answered, worry twisted his gut painfully. He hurried into his throne room, no one was there. He checked in his room, no one there. Triton's room, no one there. He was beginning to really panic. 

A few dolphins, sharks, and fishes noticed their rulers distress. My Lord they spoke. Is there anything we  can do for you?

"Yes, find Amphrite and Triton. Hurry!" Poseidon ordered, they scurried off. 

Poseidon searched the castle again, he about gave up hope when he heard singing coming from the garden. 

"Amphrite?" Poseidon yelled, swimming to the garden. He breathed in relief seeing Amphrite walking peacefully through the garden, bending over a few coral plants, and sea flowers. 

"Amphrite." Poseidon called, she glanced up and smiled. 

"Hello Poseidon, may I help you?" she asked, he walked up and hugged her tightly, she gave a surprise yelp. "Why Poseidon! Is something wrong?" 

"You must help me find Triton!" Poseidon said, his tone made Amphrite turn alert, she nodded, without asking any questions, which Poseidon appreciated. 

"I'll look in the Training Arena." she swam off. He searched the ocean floor, calling out to Triton. 

Finally a whale shark swam up to the sea god, We found him your Majesty. We found Triton. 

"Is he alright?" Poseidon asked. 

The whale shark was quiet for a few moment, I'm afraid he doesn't look too good your Majesty the shark swam off. Poseidon swam after him, the shark led him through the sea grounds, into Tritons room where a crowd of merpeople, sea creatures, and Amphrite huddled over the bed. 

"Posiedon what's wrong with him?" Amphrite asked once she saw him, worry overwhelming her voice. He walked foreword, the crowds parted for him, there he saw Triton. He was lying on his bed, his skin was pale, he looked green, a grimace on his face, a few painful grunts and groans escaped him. Poseidon knelt by his immortal son, touched his forward. 

"I am so sorry." Poseidon whispered. "I'll fix this, I promise." 

"Fix what?" Amphrite asked. "What's going on." 

Poseidon looked at her sorrowfully, "He caught the curse. None of my children are safe anymore." 

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