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First fanfiction, I hope you enjoy!


Empire State Building/Olympus

December 21st

Winter Solstice Meeting


For being all-powerful gods over humanity, their meetings sure were boring.

Poseidon was slumped on his throne scowling at the unblemished marble floor with his head supported on his hand, while the other absentmindedly twirled the shaft of his trident in his palm. He watched bored as his young brother, Zeus, "King of the Gods" (hardy-har-har struggled to get control of the meeting, only snorting in amusement when Zeus's demands were ignored. Classic meeting shenanigans.

But Poseidon quickly lost interest in watching Zeu's about to blow a vein and shifted his attention on the rest of his fellow immortals. Athena had long since stopped arguing with him about Athens (something they did every meeting - but having the same arguing over and over for centuries upon centuries was beginning to lose its fun) and was now talking to Artemis about the uselessness of a water fountain. Pfft! Whatever, that fountain was the coolest thing those "Athenians" were ever going to see. Ares and Hephaestus were arguing over Aphrodite, who was dabbing her lips with some lipstick, coyly smirking as she eavesdropped on their arguments - as per normal. Demeter and Hades were in a heated discussion about whether or not Persephone should get more vacation time up on the surface with her mother. Hermes was on his phone taking messages and calls, occasionally muttering something about sales and refunds. Apollo was coming up with horrible Haiku on the beauty of sports car. Hera, who managed to get Zeus's attention, was talking about their family issues. And, finally, there was Hestia, who was sitting by the hearth with a peaceful smile on her face as she silently stoked the flames.

Yep, just a regular ol' solstice meeting.

He was honestly surprised with how easily everything flowed back to normal after the Giant War. The Giants were defeated, Grandma - er, Gaia - was back in her earthly coma, and the two half-blood camps were getting along really well. Poseidon felt a painful jolt in his mind just thinking about the Romans, feeling the Neptune side to him want to come out and go destroy a couple fleets of cargo ships. Which was an odd feeling in itself. No cargo-ships had offended him or anything, and he wasn't sure why a part of him wanted to simply upturn them in the middle of the ocean. Sure it was kind of fun to watch the mortals flail in the water, but it still gave him one heck of a mess to clean up afterward.

He let his thoughts shift to something more pleasant. A certain son of his who was over in California, studying up in anything ocean related. Percy was a little to close to the Roman camp for his Greek persona's liking, but everything seemed okay. Not that he was watching Percy or anything. There were rules. Rules that he had to follow. He wasn't watching his only half-blood child, the kid of the most amazing and beautiful mortal he's ever met, to make sure everything was okay...that'd just be crazy...Percy can take care of himself...

 Out of nowhere, an odd feeling suddenly overcame Poseidon. It was a weird sensation, sudden and intense, and so itchy and uncomfortable that it bordered on downright painful. Sure he's always been able to feel if something was wrong in the ocean - it came with the job. He could sense things like ships on the waves, pollution in the water, and the odd sea monster or two in the depths - but that was all normal. This feeling...this feeling wasn't natural. The itchy, prickly feeling fell away and was instantly replaced by something cold and sinister. And, if he was being honest, kind of familiar.

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