Catch up on Twyla

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What kind of monster you are:

What kind of monster you are:

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How you met:

You both met when you were out together as partners for a project.

"Want to meet up at my dorm tonight?" You asked as you grabbed your phone, going into your contacts. "Yeah, sure." She looked down at your phone to see what you were doing. "Let me see your Icoffin." She frowned as she took it out, unlocking it then giving it to you. You added your phone number into her phone, the ID name "Study Buddy :)". You then put her number in your phone before giving it back to her.

"Give me a text or call when you want to meet up, then we can go over ideas." You gave her a smile as she nodded. "Alright, thank you." You gave her a thumbs up before heading to your next class.

What you did for your first date:

You both kinda just hung out at your dorm and listened to music. Of course there would be some food and movies, but you both mostly just got to know each other better. You even got her to dance some, it took a lot of convincing though. At the end you both said you had a bunch of fun staying in before she left. It was the perfect date, neither one of you wanted to go out, so it was the best option.

First kiss:

You were both in your dorm with your favorite song playing. "Come join me, Twyla!" You grabbed her hand and forced her to dance with you. She smiled as she danced, mostly just watching you. She started to zone out a bit as she watched you, realizing how much she likes you. Right when it got to your favorite part she grabbed your hand. She gave you a nervous smile before pulling you in for a kiss, surprising you. You quickly got over your shock and kissed her back.

Who asked to be Ghoulfriend + Ghoulfriend:

She did.

Twyla sat nervously across from you at lunch while you ate. "What's wrong?" You asked as you looked her over. "We're still on for tonight's date, right?" You nodded as you stood up to go put your tray away. "Do you have to cancel?" You frowned as she walked next to you. "No, I just have something very important to tell you tonight." You raised your eyebrows at her as you sat the dirty tray down with the others. "Why not tell me now?" Twyla fiddled with her fingers behind her back.

"Because it's a surprise." You smiled at her. "A surprise?" She nodded. "I guess I'll have to wait then, want me to walk you to class?" She shook her head. "I have a few errands to run before, I'll see you after though." She rushed off.


You knocked on Twyla dorm door, leaning against the door frame. "How many times have I told you about not knocking and just coming in?" Twyla asked as she opened the door. "You could be indecent, I'm doing you a favor." You defended as you plopped down onto her bed. "It's your night to pick out the movies, Babe." You stretched out on her bed as you watched her.

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