My Ghetto Life Chapter 8

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So I'm taking my readers advice and getting more into the story I'm sorry for the wait Im doing my best to continue with this story.


Travis P.O.V

These bags are really heavy.

Where is Kyla though? I start to run up the stairs looking for her.

I skid to the top seeing the room she's looking in to. How the hell am I gonna explain that room to her.

I take a deep breath and run up to her but as soon as I reach she turns around so I quickly yell out I can explain she doesn't even listen to me, she storms down the stairs grabs her bag and walks out the house.

Shit, I run down the stairs and grab my car keys, Kyla hasn't gone far and won't because of the dead end street a few blocks away. I jump in and start to drive slowly.

I see Kayla and I roll down the window telling her to get in now. It's chilly and she doesn't have on a jacket. She gives me^ a dirty look and keeps walking. I speed up pull up to the side jump out of the car and grab and put her in the car.

Kyla P.O.V

After I saw that girl the house felt really hot I had to leave, I'm here walking and thinking how he's gonna explain that to me^. Honestly I was mad pissed or sad I just have to clear my head. I hear a car coming down the street but i pay no attention then Travis yells out his window for me^ to get in the car, I give him the dirtiest look ever.

I keep walking and ignore him I see him drive off further but I dot think anything off it and continue walking. Next thing you know I'm being carried to the car, right then and there I wanna cry because life has never been good to me^ and im tired of it!!

This was rushed guys I felt guilty about making you guys wait hope you enjoy VOTE & COMMENT

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