Chapter 8: Pleading for forgiveness.

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"Mom, don't set the temperature of the electric blanket so high. It's too hot, it'll catch on fire."

The little beast mumbled weakly in its sleep. It moved to the side and clung to the slightly chilly wall, giving out a sound of comfort.

Although Han Shengyao couldn't understand her words, Lin Qianshuang's simple and honest movements amused her.

Shuang'er, she was just a baby demon.

As a young child, where did her many concerns come from?

Feeling that her suspicions were a little odd, Han Shengyao let out a laugh. She tucked the corner of the quilt Lin Qianshuang had raised unconsciously. Listening to her even breaths, Han Shengyao's mind slowly calmed. Soon, her eyes closed, and she drifted off to deep sleep.

"Junior sister, get up. It's time for breakfast."

Lin Qianshuang had a dream where her team leader was full of praise for the design plan she had made. Intending to celebrate by having a big dinner, she sent invitations to her friends through WeChat. Then all of a sudden, her body was forcefully hoisted up into the air and hung upside down. Blood rushed to her head, causing her to wake up in a cold sweat.

A beautiful and tender face belonging to a youth closely looked over her sleeping figure from the bottom up.

"Senior brother Xia?"

Gradually awakening, Lin Qianshuang sobered up when she saw the face in front of her.

She did not return to her original world. She was still in the novel: "Conquest of the Four Realms."

The updated Favorability Interface of the System popped up in her eyes and froze for ten seconds.

Under the portrait of the Sage of the Ninth Floor of the Demon Palace, the pink gauge of the Favorability Bar rose by two squares, indicating a 12% increase.

Lin Qianshuang's tiredness immediately vanished, and she subconsciously looked around her surroundings. The space beside her was empty, meaning that Han Shengyao had left, and Xia was holding her in the air by her tail.

"Junior sister, you can really sleep. I kept calling you several times, but you still didn't wake up."

Lin Qianshuang gave Xia a slightly embarrassed smile as he placed her down. She wasn't usually such a heavy sleeper. Perhaps it was due to the high pressure from her mission, which would inevitably take a long time to complete, that the moment her head hits the pillow, she would fall into a deep sleep.

Xia gently combed Lin Qianshuang's hair after dabbing the comb with a bit of water. He clasped a silver bangle around the front of her foot and said seriously, "Junior sister, you must take good care of your Jade Slip as it is now a symbol of your status in the Demon Realm. This time, you will enter the main hall of the demon palace together with the master. Remember to listen to the master and don't run around or talk to anyone else."

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