The Lost Girl

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Hello New Reader! *waves enthusiasticaly*

Thank you for stopping by to read my sample chapter of the second book of TLB trilogy: THE LOST GIRL!

Due to the publishing deal with RANDOM HOUSE, I had to take book 1 and 2 off Wattpad.

But you can buy the books in any bookstores now to find out what happens with Joey and her boys.

THE LOST BOYS (book1) - THE LOST GIRL (book2) - LOST AND FOUND (book3) are available for sale online and in bookstores!

Links to buy can be found in my profile page*

I thank you in advance for your support. I hope many of you would buy the book and help me continue with the dream of writing stories of magic and fantasy and love.

Thank you so much for ALL the amazing messages, for all the reads, votes, all the love and support you guys gave me.

I hope you can continue supporting me by buying my books now! ;)

much love and keep on rocking,

Lily. <3

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