Chapter 9 - Kimberley's letter

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We all sit in the living room and the others stared at me. I took a deep breathe in and begin to read the letter:

Dear Katia,

You’re the best cousin ever and also a really good friend. I love you!

Thanks for being every day, every minute there for me. I can’t say how thankful I’m for all the things you have done for me!

I must tell you something important about the secret. This man didn’t stop following me and so I have no other chance to escape him, as to go.

I can’t tell you where I’ll go to, because I don’t want to get you into danger.

Maybe we can’t see us again… but please promise me that you wouldn’t look for me, ok?

I love you!

Forever & always


When I finished reading there was an awkward silence.

“OMG! Kimberley…” Doreen whispers with tears in her eyes.

“Have I understood this right?! A man pursues and bothers Kimberley?!” Louis said angry.

“Yeah I think so too… we must ask Kat what she knows about this man and Kim!” I replied.

“But not today, ok? ‘Cus it’s late and I have school tomorrow. Shall we meet up tomorrow?” Dodo said.

“Yes of course, with Kat! Can you call l her and ask if she has time to come to Nando’s at 4pm?” Niall asked.

“Why must we meet at Nando’s?” I replied.

“Because they have the best food and so we can also eat dinner there!” Niall answered cheeky.

“Haha ok.” Doreen laughed and Niall looks really proud.

“But when Kat hasn’t time-“ I began.

“Nevertheless we go to Nando’s!” Niall interrupts me.

We boys go upstairs and get our things. Doreen followed us.

“Sweetie we have a question. Why have your parents no personal things in their room?” I ask her.

“Well they haven’t had enough time to unpack their clothes or something else, because they must go to India 2 hours after we arrived here. And so the cardboards stand in the cellar.” She answered.


When we stand at the door we all hug her tightly, above all Niall.

“Don’t worry love, your parents will come back next month! I promise.” He said. “And when you want, you can also sleep some nights in our apartment.”

“Awwh this would be great!” She said and smiled.

“Have fun at school tomorrow! Bye.” I said and so we go.

“Guys will we tell Liam and Zayn about Kimberley?” Niall asked.

“Hmmm… I think not before we talked with Katia about this story.” Lou answered.

“Yeah ok.” He said.

When we arrived at our apartment Liam and Zayn were waiting for us. While I’m walking into the living room, they jumped from the sofa and runned to Niall.

“Aaaaaaannndd? What happened?” Liam asked with excitement.

“Huh? What do you mean?” He replied.

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