29 | Blame It On the (Lack of) Alcohol

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I avoided Sebastian for the rest of the night

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I avoided Sebastian for the rest of the night.

Even with the amount of people at the party, it was harder than it sounded. No matter where I moved in the house, Sebastian appeared and the chase began anew. There had been a few close calls, times when he had almost caught up with me, but I somehow managed to escape before he could successfully gain my attention. After the third incidence, I decided it was time to go.

"I'm gonna head back to the house," I shouted to Jude, who had been practically attached to my hip for the past few hours. "I'll see you later, okay?"

He nodded and relinquished his grip on me. "You want me to come with you?"

I shook my head, not wanting to ruin his night because of my drama. "Stay. Have fun."

After pressing a kiss to his flushed cheek, I made my way through the packed room, constantly checking over my shoulder for a tail. Luckily, Sebastian was nowhere in sight, and I made it outside with little trouble.

The cool night air was refreshing and I took in a few deep breaths, slowly making my way down to the beach. The full moon illuminated the darkness enough that I could see where I was going as I started back towards the Phillips' house, enjoying the soft roar of the waves. It was so calm and peaceful that it was hard to believe there was a party in full swing not a hundred feet away.

I was relieved to find that Sebastian hadn't locked the sliding door to the house, allowing me to slip inside and head to my bedroom. The house was maze-like, making it almost impossible for me to find my way, especially in the dark. After a bit of searching, I was almost sure I had reached the correct hallway, but the figure lingering outside the door made me think twice.

I wanted to run in the opposite direction when I realized who it was, but my feet wouldn't listen. Instead, I found myself moving closer, not because I wanted to see what he was there for, but because I wanted to rush inside my room and hide until it was time to go back home.

"Enjoy the party?" Sebastian questioned as I approached, not bothering to push off from the wall he was leaning against. "I didn't see much of you tonight."

That's because I was avoiding you, dipshit.

"Oh, I was with Jude," I answered. "You know how he is. Can't stay in one place for long, has to socialize with everyone."

He made a noncommittal noise, but I knew he didn't believe that was the reason we hadn't seen much of each other.

"Talia, we need to talk."

That much was blatantly obvious, but it still didn't mean I wanted to.

"Can't it wait?" I sighed, putting my hand to the door. "I'm exhausted and just not up for this right now."

He shook his head and finally straightened up, as if he were steeling himself to do this right now. "No, we need to do this before it goes any further."

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