27// Derek

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Sitting in Jack's living room, I heard back from the crime scene investigators this morning, Tori house is clean for everything, there's no hidden cameras or listening devices anywhere.

That's the good news, the bad news is they also found a listening device in my house, which means this asshole has also been listening to us too.

And there was also no DNA or fingerprints left behind in the house, or on the equipment, which was kind of expected because this guy is careful...to damn careful.

That bugs me because every criminal always messes up eventually, they slip up on the smallest of things, but this guy...I don't know, there's a feeling in my gut and I can't shake it.

Snapping out of my thoughts as I see a shadow pass over me, then a body taking a seat next time.

Feeling a smile forming on my lips, as I smell her strawberry shampoo, she always smells like strawberries.

"Morning beautiful" I smile brightly towards her.

"Morning..." She smiles back at me. Just as we both just sit there in the quietness of it all, just enjoying being with one another.

"So Jack and me, we have to head into the station this morning...do you want to come or stay here?" I ask her, hating that I broke the peacefulness for us.

"I'll come, but then I think I might go and have lunch with Tess." She started to reply, opening my mouth to cut off, just as she stops me with a stern look.

"And before you say anything, I will take an officer with me. And it's literally on the same street as the police station, I will be fine".

"I know you will be...I'll get Murphy to go with you" I replied just as she shakes her head and looks at me.

"Do you think officer Lopez can be on babysitting duty instead?"

Looking at her slightly confused, when the threats started Jack and I agreed, to keep two officers on Tori, the same two officers just so there was no confusion. And for the most part, they've been solid officers, protected Tori.

"It shouldn't be a problem, but has Murphy done something?"

"No, he's been great, polite even...." She dragged out her answer.

"Spit it out babe..." she shrugs her shoulders.

"I don't know how to explain it, it's just a vibe and Grace always tells me to trust my odd vibes and that's what I'm doing"

"A vibe?" I ask her with a raised eyebrow and unsure response, which earns me a dirty look and an eye roll from her.

"Yes, Derek, a vibe which is just as good as your stupid gut feeling" holding my hands up in surrender.

"Can you just explain your vibe a little more please?" what she is telling me right now, it heightens my suspicions more.

"I'm not sure I can because he hasn't done anything, I just get a feeling around him, a different one to what I get when around Jack or officer Lopez"

Nodding my head, deciding to not push it any further not until I've talk to Jack.

Reaching into my pocket and pulled out her watch, the one she only takes off to sleep and shower, I took it a few days ago to put a tracker in it.

Just as a worst-case scenario situation, hopefully, one we won't need to use ever.

"My watch, where was it? I thought I left it at the beach house" she says as I place the watch safety back on her wrist.

"No I took it, Jack and me, we had someone place a tracker in it. We needed something that you wore every day, that wouldn't raise suspicion".

"A tracker why?" holding her hand in mine.

"A worst-case scenario that's all, covering all of our angles. But do me a favor, don't tell anyone about the tracker, it's not police property. Jack's old army friend did it" I said.

I don't know what it is but ever since this case started, and with the little things not adding up, the odd things that I can't place, shit doesn't feel right, and I think it's someone under our noses....and I mean right under our noses.

Which is why Jack and I are the only ones knowing certain information for now. 

"I trust you, I won't tell anyone" She announces, nodding my head and sighed in relief.

"Thank you," I replied kissing her quickly before she nods and then gets back up and heads to our temporary bedroom to get ready.

Could a cop be behind this? Or I am just looking in the wrong place? I don't know, I know my feelings for Tori and what happened with Deacon clouds my judgment a little, but my gut is screaming at me to look closer at the people who are right next to me, and I don't know why and with what Tori said about Officer Murphy, I just don't know.

"I know that look....what's got the wheels turning?" I hear Jack ask me, as he walks towards me, leaning against the doorway, arms crossed over his chest.

"Tori mentioned she has an odd vibe when around Officer Murphy...I'm thinking if I should look into it, my gut is telling me too" I explain, Jack stays quiet for a minute in hesitation, because you don't go after another cop without proof and right now, we don't have that, we have gut feelings and odd vibes.

"You will be risking your police shield on a gut feeling" He states.

"I know".

"Mine too" He states again.

"Which is why I'm giving you a heads-up, so you can walk away and not be involved in what I'm going to do"

I'm going to go looking into another cop's background and business if anyone finds out it's going to ruffle a few feathers in a bad way and upset a few people.

"No chance, I'll risk my shield ten times over, if it means we finally catch this guy and end this once and for all" Jack announces this time without any hesitation. Meeting his eyes and nodded.

Time to follow a vibe and a gut feeling, lets' see what we find.

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