Funny stories that actually happened to me: Trip to the mall

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So since I'm not a writer, I thought I would put up some hilarious stories that actually happened to me!

I saw other people do this but I don't think it beats the things that happens to me and my friends when we're out lol! So Enjoy:)

So during the summer in July of 2010, my friends Ashley and Kelsey decided to go to the mall.

When we arrived at the mall we were just looking around at stuff in the stores and did a little shopping.

As we were walking around for a little bit, we decided to grab something to eat from the chinese place.

I don't like chinese so I went over and got some pizza and a drink. As I was walking to the table my friends were sitting at, I dropped the pizza and drink all over me. I tripped over a little kids bouncy ball!

I was so mad that I picked the bouncy ball up and threw it to the other side of the room. Well just my luck, it end up hitting some girl in the back of the head.

This girl was probably about in her early 30s and I'm just a teenager. Well anyway she came charging over to me after someone told her it was me that threw the bouncy ball at her head.

It was an accident, it's not like I meant to hit the old hag in the head.

So I saw she was coming towards me so I ran in the opposite direction and hid in a store. I texted my friends and asked them to get their food to go and meet me at the store Journey's.

Once they came, I told them what happened and they were laughing at me of course. I told them we needed to sneak out of hear and not let the old lady or anyone elese for that matter see me because I had pizza and soda all over me. Embarassing I know!

So we got out of the mall safely and once we were out, we headed to the car. Today was just suppose to be a bad day for me or something because when we got to the car, Ashley noticed she locked her keys in the car.

Ashley called triple A and we just sat there talking and waiting for them. 

Well then without even noticing her, the old lady I threw the bouncy ball came over to us. She started cussing me out while I was apologizing to her. 

After she was done yelling like a maniac, causing i scene, I told her I didn't mean to hit her with the ball but I got mad for tripping over it so I threw it as far as I could.

The lady told me she forgives me and that she understood. As she was walking away, she turned back and said, Oh one last thing, and poured her milkshake on my head.

My friends were laughing hysterically and boy was I mad. 

Everyone that came into the parking lot started pointing and laughing at me. I was so heated. It felt like the triple A truck was never going to come.

Finally an hour later they came and of course they were laughing and aksed what happened to me and that it looked like a tornado hit me.

Yes that actually did happen to me and at the time I was mad and super embarassed but now I can just look back on it and laugh. I'm glad that happened because now I can post all the embarassing things that happened to me on here and just hope you all enjoy laughing at me. LOL!

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