My Valentine Stalker

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It was the same every Valentines day since sixth grade. One pink rose and a small heart-shaped card cut from pink construction paper, with the words BE MINE written in black. The only part that has changed in the past four years is the neatness in the script.

Who is my mystery Valentine? I couldn't tell you. But this year I was going to find out.

"Ooh Valentine Stalker strikes again."

Slamming my locker shut I push past Cassie, my partner in crime since we were  in pull-ups.

"This is not funny Cas, its getting old." I groaned as we walked to English.

"The only part that's funny is after all this time you are still in the dark, other then that it is hopelessly romantic." Cassie hugged her books to her chest and batted her eyes.

"Right, definitely romantic not knowing who you're secret admirer is after six years. Six years Cas!" I huffed.

"Do you know how many girls would kill to have a secret admirer? Dang girl, I wish Aaron got me anything for Valentines day."

Cassie and Aaron have been inseparable since second grade. You wouldn't guess they were anything more then friends by the way they act towards each other, which makes it easy not to feel like the third wheel.

I shook my head and sighed, "I need to figure this out."

"What are you going to do? We have been trying to crack this since sixth grade."

"I have a full-proof plane this time." I puffed out my chest in satisfactory.

"That's what you said last year when we tried to hide out in the school over night to catch Mr Sexy Valentine Stalker." Cassie said rolling her eyes.

"If you hadn't broken into the cafeteria we wouldn't have gotten caught." I replied matter of factly.

"I was hungry."

This back and forth bickering was normal for us. Aaron compares it to his parents marriage.

"Well I'm going in a scientific direction this time." I said as we took our seats by the windows. "I'm going to help Mr. Ryan grade out Future papers next Saturday. I can compare the handwriting. Its full-proof."

Cassie gave me her 'are you kidding me' look. "Seriously? You're going to spend your Saturday in this stuffy room with a middle-aged teacher?"

"What can I say, Im desperate."

Cassie shrugged in agreement as Mr. Ryan started class. She was right about spending an entire Saturday grading papers. It was lame, but I am at a standstill. I need to know who it is.

Staying focussed was near impossible this hour. The shrill ring of the school bell startled me enough to knock my book right off my desk.

"Great" I muttered getting up to retrieve it.

"Alright guys, don't forget your Future papers are due a week from today." Mr. Ryan called out over the racket as everyone anxiously gathered their books, eager for the weekend to start. "Ashley," he nodded towards his desk.

"Make it quick Ash, I don't know how much longer I can go without seeing my transvestite from transexual trasivania."

I laughed at her sick obsession with Rocky Horror Picture Show. "Don't worry, Frank n Furter isn't going anywhere. This wont take long."

I gathered my books and made my way to the front.

What have you decided Ashley?" He asked, not looking up as he stuffed papers into his brief bag.

"I'm gonna do it."

"Great, you and Jason meet me here next Saturday at 6:30 that morning."

Jason? Jason Sanders?

"I'm sorry, what?"

"We've got a lot of papers to grade and only one day to do it. If that's too early for you I can find someone else, but this really would look good on your application."

I didn't wait for him to finish talking. "The time is fine, but Jason?" I asked raising my eyes-brows questioningly.

"Yes, Jason Sanders."

The last person I wanted to spend an entire Saturday with was Jason. We weren't strangers, but we definetly were not friends. Our mother's had been best friends in highshcool and would set play dates up for us when we were younger. They had our entire future planned out, which included our marriage to each other and the beautiful children we would have together. The thought makes me nausaus. As soon as we were old enough to get out of the play dates they finally ended, but I still had to endure the snide comments and teasing at school.

 "The team has practice on Saturdays." I stated.

"Football season is done Ash."

I cringed at the sound of his deep voice behind me.

Turning around I saw the cocky smile I knew I would find plastered on his face.

"Yeah, I know Jason. I meant basketball." I replied throwing sarcasum into my voice.

"Ash we've never had basketball practice on Saturdays, those are our game days, and there is no game next Saturday. So Im free."

"Even so, why would you spend your Saturday grading papers?"

"I need something other then Football quarter back on my collage resume." He smiled back.

"Fine." I replied, turning my back to him. "I'll be here Mr. Ryan."

Without a second glance at Jason I stormed out of the room. An entire day with Jason Sanders was not something I would normally willingly agree to, but like I said, I was desperate. I will find out who my Valentines Day Stalker is.

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