The International Super Spy

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You open your eyes and find your self in a dark and seemingly abandoned place. You tried to stand only to realize that you're strapped down. The only light seems to be coming from the door that is half-cracked open.

You squirm silently, trying not to cause attention to yourself but that becomes futile. The straps are tight on your arms and legs.

'What are they going to do?' You ponder as you stare at the dark ceiling.

Suddenly you hear footsteps. Lots of them and you can only assume that it's Mama and her sons.

You close your eyes and lay still as you head them enter.

"You can play asleep but we know you're awake." Mama said

"If you know I'm awake then just do what you came to do." You say harshly

"Ooh.. touchy she is." Hoseok jokes

"Yeah... she is and if she wasn't strapped to this bed, she would stand up and kick your ass!" You say through a clenched jaw

"Wanna bet? My strength versus you isn't much, love."

"Why don't we try it out then?" You argue and he chuckles

"Enough." Mama says calmly, "Gather 'round her."

They comply and soon enough are circling you.

You take a breath in and pray silently for a way out.


"Okay so what am I looking at?" Felix ask as he leans over Seena while she clicks away on her laptop

"I'm trying to gain access to Ara's phone." She says

"Why?" He ask

"I don't know... maybe we can find an email or a text?"

"Okay... we'll I've been doing some digging on Luther. He doesn't have as much as Walker does but he has enough. He has what I think is a possible location for where they are—"

"What?" Seena stops her clicking and turns her attention to Felix who now sits beside her, "Liam hasn't said anything about knowing a place."

Felix rubs his chin, "Weird... they're partners so why wouldn't Walker know?"

Seena and Felix sit in awe for a moment before Seena speaks, "Watch him."

She stands and begins to gather her things,

"What are you going to do?" He ask as he too stands

"I'm going to watch Walker. I have a feeling about something but I'm not entirely sure." With that, Seena walks away and Felix watches her figure leave


Felix enters the Luther household and takes off his shoes after closing the door behind him.

It's around 5:15pm so everyone is still out of the house.

Felix argues with himself. Why? He wants to do what Seena said and watch Luther... but he's afraid to be caught.

Eventually his feelings for you take way and he enters Luther's home office. He goes through the drawers and runs his hands through the things on his desk.

Finding nothing, he huffs out and sits back in the chair. He takes out his phone, prepared to call Seena and bitch at her for making him become a spy.

He's not as savvy as Seena is. When he's tried it all, that's it... no new idea comes to his head like it does for her.

He stands, ready to give up until he spots a small, purple velvet chest. It was hidden under his ottoman and just big enough to hold pictures or very important documents.

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