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Nothing can stop them. Doctor Octopus thought he could. So did the Lizard. But they were wrong. The Red Skull was wrong, too. Dumb nazi. And the Mandarin was insane to think rings could take on armor.

Cap isn't just a great soldier. He knows where everything bullet that bounces off his shield will land. That's why you're always safe around Cap. Even when you weren't behind his shield.

Iron Man is the man. We all know it. And that armor he wears goes way beyond him. It's all around us. Because he was way ahead of of us. He'd die if it meant it saved the world. Or at least buying it enough time for someone else to save it.

Spider-Man...he's every one of us. He's the "what to do" with every wall we face. He climbs over it. It's as simple as that.

They were your heroes. They always have been.

Intital beliefs that these were isolated incidents are now providing to be hopeful at the least. The first of those to be covered by the scabbing are reporting loss of mobility. Incidents of the scabbing are being reported around the world. While it is unknown if the virus is airborne or being spread in some other way is unknown. World authorities are encouraging their citizens to filter their water and to remain indoors.

You could hear it perfectly clear. Almost like it was playing in your head. A song stuck on loop.

The immobility initially spoken about has grown in the increasing number of those infected. Some scientists believe these skin rashes should be considered a sort of cocooning. A series of test are suggesting a sort of chrysalis stage to the virus. Of course, the mutants populace, long considered genetic terrorists and a threat to humanity, are being blamed. But many fear it is too late to enact any protocols to stop the spread of this terrible virus. Those who have emerged from their cocoons confirm the belief that indeed this is a mutant virus.

It was always their fault. That's what the world consistently said. That's what they said about your mother. Maybe they would say that about you if you were one.

We are urging families to stay inside. Board up your windows. Looting is widespread. Mutated violence is breaking out everywhere. A state of emergency is being issued in every major city in the country. This is a warning that....

Your eyes shot open. You found yourself once again in the familiar yet unknown bedroom. The smell of cinnamon and smoke still filled your lungs while your eyes were as bloodshot as the day before.

You turned your head to look at the window that was still blocked by the blinds. It was morning, you think.

You sat up and held your head as it began to throb. You still had no idea what the hell was going on.

No idea what that thing was yesterday. No idea why the dates were weird. No idea why you couldn't remember where you were. No idea who N was.

But, you were ready to get some answers.

You ended up packing what you could into a bag you found. Canned food, bottled water, some fresh clothes, and a bat that you had found downstairs.

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