The Adventures of Claire

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There once was a young woman named Claire who lived in the land of Urbanaria. She lived with her mother, her two sisters, and her brother. She was the youngest of them all. All her siblings were successful. Doctor, lawyer, and engineer. Claire was stick working at a Burger King.

Her parents were clearly more interested in her siblings. It didn't bother her though, she liked being alone and she didn't like attention. One morning she woke up and headed to work.

As she was cleaning the tables she glanced at the small tv above her. "Mcjohns near farmia was trashed!!" Claire wasn't shocked. Places are always dirty and trashed where she lives. Claire began to serve a young couple. She wishes she had a boyfriend.

She would give anything to just settle down and start a family. She would do it in a heartbeat but she didn't have the money for it anyways. As soon as her shift was over Claire headed home. She waited by the bus stop but the bus never came.

2 hours had passed and she waited and waited.... finally the bus arrived. Claire got on and waited til her stop.  At her stop she witnessed a charming young farmer standing with his cow.

She was intrigued. It was very rare to see this in the city. The man stared at Claire for a moment as well. There seemed I be a connection. Claire spoke out "hi this is random but would you maybe wanna get coffee sometime?"te man agreed and they had a wonderful time. She found out that his name was Mcdon and that his brothers owned the fast food restaurant Mcjohns.

The couple got married a few years later and settled down just like Claire always wanted to. It turned out that Mcdon got part of the money from the restaurant because his brothers were generous. Claire and Mcdon later had children and named them Kate (the eldest daughter) and Klorkenshanaz (the younger son).

The end

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