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Camping Tip #3: Remember what your parents said about taking rides from strangers? Hold on to that advice for dear life or you might just lose your life.

Jack and I started dating about a month and a half after I'd ended things with Tyler Wright. Callie had it in her head it was because of Jack but it wasn't. Truth is, things with Tyler hadn't felt right for a while but I kept holding onto the hope that it would get better. Tyler was a good guy, we got along and he treated me well but at some point in the summer before junior year, we just lost that spark. So, sometime in mid-July, I broke up with him. It wasn't heartbreaking or sad, to be honest, there had been a flash of relief in his eyes. We'd hugged, smiled and promised to stay friends. We still are, sort of. If we see each other in the hallway or in class he'll wave at me or I'll wave at him and we'll get back to our lives.

I still don't get how Jack and I came to be, all I remember is one day he went from beings Callie's geeky brother to being cute, smart Jack Marshall who made my heart pound and my days feel brighter. We were good together, everything felt different him, everything felt right.

I smiled as I glanced at the back of Jack's head. He was fiddling with his cellphone, he'd been trying to make it work properly since we fell into the lake yesterday.

We'd been driving for about twenty minutes and I sat in the back with Callie and Oliver. I stared out of the window, too tired to really pay attention to where we were going. I let the cars and the thick lines of trees pass by me in a blur. I couldn't remember the last time I actually sat in a seat this plush. God. It felt so nice to sit in somewhere that wasn't rigid and dirty. I was just so glad this whole ordeal was over. As soon as we got to Linbeach, we'd call home and one of our parents would come to pick us up. Yes, they would be pissed (I knew for a fact my mom was going to have a heart attack) but at least we would be back home. I couldn't wait to have a shower and wash off all this grime and dirt I'd accumulated in the last couple of days. Oh, and sleep in an actual bed instead of the hard ground. And oh my God, Wi-Fi and television and civilization instead of never-ending trees and wild animals. I never thought I would miss Vancouver so badly.

Callie dropped her head onto my shoulder and sighed. She sat between Oliver and I and kept alternating on who she slept on. I glanced over at her. She was still in that weird drug-fueled haze from the berries and every now and then she would say something nonsensical.

"Mrs Puff was a bitch," she mumbled against my shoulder. See, like that. She shook her head, "I mean, all SpongeBob wanted to do get that driving license, like...like what was her problem?" Callie's eyes widened, she seemed genuinely stressed by it, "Just 'cause her life was empty and aimless didn't mean she had to take it out on that poor yellow sponge."

"Oh my God," Oliver laughed, "You've lost your mind. Aw man, if my cellphone was working I would totally record this. You sound insane."

She sat up straight and looked at him, her eyes narrowed as if she was trying to figure out who he was. She pouted, "Kaminski? Is that you?"

"Yes, my dear. It's me," He grinned, wide and bright, "Your one and only."

She giggled, "Aw Kaminski! You wanna...know...you wanna know something?"

His grin remained as he cocked an eyebrow. "What?"

She leaned into him until her chest was pressed against his side and his grin faltered. "Don't tell anyone this but..." she lowered her voice to a whisper, "but I think you're kind of hot...I mean...have you seen your jawline?" she leaned back a little so she could run a finger across the very jawline she admired so much, "and...and I actually think you have a good body underneath but I don't get how since you skip gym class...and oh my God, you're such a good singer...I have to see your band perform sometime cause..." she imitated a gun with her hands and pretended to blow her brains out, "dude....you're so good."

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