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Camping Tip #5: You will be surprised at the advantages of carrying a small pocket knife. It might just save your sorry ass.


The fish was delicious. None of us had eaten since yesterday and we'd been running all day from bears and wolves so you could imagine just how tired and hungry we were. Once the fish had finished cooking, it was no surprise that the four of us practically inhaled the fish down. 

Since Callie had gathered the wood and Oliver had caught the fish — which I couldn't stop thanking him profusely for because I, honestly, thought I would die of starvation in these Godforsaken woods — it was my job to the light the fire by rubbing the sticks together like my dad had taught me during our camping trips and Jack's job to actually the fish. He was able to set up a make-shift pit roast from branches and rocks, so he could properly cook the fish. The last thing any of us wanted was food poisoning.

It took a little over half-an-hour for the fish to be ready. In that half hour, the four of us just stared at the fish, the smell making our mouths water and stomachs grumble. When it was ready to be eaten, I bit into it faster than the speed of light. I didn't even care that some of the skin was burnt. None of us did. Jack said the lake was freshwater so we could drink some but there was no guarantee that it was completely safe. Me, Callie and Oliver were too thirsty to care, as soon as he said it was okay, we dived to the lake and slurped the water like a bunch of stray dogs. Soon enough, the sun had sunk far into the horizon and left the sky black and dotted with stars.

"We can't keep walking," I said, when we'd all finished eating. We'd agreed to save the rest of the fish for later because God knows we needed food. "It's too dark, and no way am I walking in the woods at night. That's just asking to get mauled to death by those freaky wolves."

Callie nodded in agreement, "Per's right, also, I'm really tired."

"Okay, but where are we going to sleep?" Oliver asked as he bundled up the remaining fish in some large leaves. I'd torn them from the small tree that sat on the edge of the lake.

We were all quiet for a few seconds. I looked around but it was hard to see when it so dark and not to mention, it was getting a little chilly.

"Here," I said, gesturing to the little campsite we had set up. We were all sitting around the fire, between the lake and soft patch of grass a few feet away. "I think the fire should keep the animals away but we can all take it in turns to keep the fire going and watch in case some wild animal comes for us, whilst the rest of us sleep."

"We're sleeping on the floor now?" Callie whined, "Like a bunch of homeless assholes?"

Jack glared at his sister, "Well, we wouldn't be sleeping on the floor like a bunch of homeless assholes if it wasn't for you."

She even had the gall to look surprised, "How the hell is this my fault?"

My eyes widened along with Jack and Oliver. I gaped at her, "Callie, we are all in this mess because you picked up Bosco, that bastard hitchhiker! It was your fault he stole your car!"

"That was Oliver's idea!" she said, pointing an accusing finger at the dark-haired boy who was still wrapping up the fish. "He told me to do it, he said it would be good karma!"

"I...I don't remember that!" Oliver spluttered, "and...and even if it was me, you were the one who stole that bear cub!"

"I thought it was alone!" she said, "I thought its mom abandoned it and...I...I gave it back! But you...no you just had to go and call the bear a little bitch!"

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