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Camping Tip #6: Ex-boyfriends or ex-whatevers are the worst people to bring along to camping trips. It’s the true definition of awkward. Just…just don’t do it.

His lips were cold but they were as soft as I remembered. Jack didn’t move or do anything for the longest time and I started panicking when I started to realise what a terrible mistake I’d just made. I was about to pull away and sputter apologies for being so stupid and weird when I felt Jack slip a hand behind my neck and pull me closer.

He started moving his mouth against mine, and warm liquid poured into my stomach, making me feel fluttery and light. Somewhere in the back of my mind, I vaguely noted that Jack was kissing me back and it was the best thing that happened since we went on this Godforsaken trip. He nudged my mouth open and I titled my head to the side.

My breath hitched in my throat jumped as he deepened the kiss. It was sweet and warm and slow and we hadn’t kissed in so long I had forgotten that Jack Marshall was an amazing kisser.  It was so easy to slip back into our routine and forget where we were. My hands in knotted in his wet hair and his fingers lightly kneading the back of my neck. I wanted to kiss him until my lungs were screaming for air and the world felt too far away too be real.

I never got to do that since Jack let out a soft groan and in a split second, whatever spell had come over me shattered and I pulled back. My eyes were wide open as I scrambled away from him. He stared at me with the same gob smacked expression, his mouth was red and a little swollen from the kiss and it made me want to do kiss him again. I looked up. Callie was staring at her nails and Oliver’s eyebrows were raised high as his gaze skipped between me and Jack. The awkward tension hanging in the air was so thick you couldn’t cut through it.

Breathing hard, I pushed myself up and slicked my soaking hair back and out of my face.

“Uhm,” I mumbled, trying desperately to regain my composure and not look like an idiot. I guessed from the weird way Jack was looking at me, and the way Callie was smirking like she knew a secret, I was failing terribly. “S-sorry,” I said, I wasn’t quite sure I was apologising to let alone why. “Yeah, sorry, uhm…”

The awkward silence returned, everyone kept staring at me and it made me want to jump into the lake and never come back. Thankfully, it didn’t last long because Callie clasped her hands together and beamed at her brother, “Jack, are you okay?”

Jack seemed dazed and lost as he nodded his head. Oliver helped him stand up. His knees buckled and he almost fell over but Oliver had a secure arm around his waist and he’d placed Jack’s arm over his shoulders. 

“We thought you were goner,” Callie said as she followed Oliver, who was guiding Jack to the large stretch of grass at the edge of the woods. When they reached it, Oliver slowly let go of Jack and sat him down. Jack grunted and rolled onto his back so he was staring up at the clear sky.

“I’m fine,” He coughed, “you guys can’t get rid of me that easily.”

I stayed by the rocky shore of the lake, wanting to keep my distance from Jack just for a little while as I calmed myself down. 

“Did I die?” he asked, “cause it kind of felt like I died.”

Oliver shook his head, “no, Peryn pulled you out. You weren’t breathing so she did some CPR shit and bam.”

“Yeah, she did kind of save your life.” Callie said.

I waited with baited breath for his reply.

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