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"We just want you to be happy"
And I was

I didn't make my bed in the morning
Because I was too excited to get to my friends
I never wore a watch around my wrist
Because I never felt the need to keep track of time
I never bit back my tongue and always did what I wanted to do
Because my difference made me feel special, and bold
If anyone beats me up, physically or emotionally
I'd get on my feet and brush the dust of my knees
I fought everything that stood against me or who I loved
Even if when I got home I was bruised and knocked up

I was daring, strong and vibrant
But to you I was loud, obnoxious and way too arrogant
To you I wasn't someone who was happy
So you set rules to change me permanently
Because what I felt was right, to you was plain wrong

Now I always make my bed in the morning
Because I'd do anything to avoid my friends
I always wear a watch on my wrist
Because I constantly have to check how many minutes are left for my socializing period to end
I'm quiet and always go along with what people say
Because my difference now seems like a void that stills needs to be filled
If anyone beats me up, physically or emotionally
I'd cower in a corner thinking what if they were right
I couldn't fight anything that stood against me and who I loved
Because there is no power in inner criticism or self doubt

I was weak, vulnerable and pitiful
But to you I was happy and maybe even perfect
Because now I smile, both when I'm happy and sad
And you don't see anything wrong in that
What to you was right, to me was just exhaustingly wrong

[a/n]: guess who's back (:

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