[1. No, Mr. Stark]

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  Peter was beginning to worry, it had been weeks and no word from Mr. Stark. He hadn't even seen Happy follow him around like he usually does, which was what really set off the red flags. Peter knew he should probably just go on with his week and continue his patrols, send his voicemails, and receive no response each time. But something in his gut told him that he needed to go see his mentor.

So maybe that was why he found himself in front of the tall building trying to figure out how to get in. It wasn't like Tony ever gave him any internship ID, so he'd have to hope Tony was nearby and notices him.

  He sighed, mustering up the courage, then walked through the double glass doors. The woman at the desk sat typing away at her computer, barely raising her eyes to glance at him.

  "Umm, hello..." Peter began, she didn't budge. "I'm here to see Mr. Stark..."

  This is where she finally turned towards him and sighed, "Under what business?"

  "For my- Umm, internship with him," his anxiety was spiking, he wanted to just turn around and pretend that nothing happened, but it was too late. Besides, he needed to make sure Mr. Stark was okay.


  Here was where he had to gamble, would his name be in their system?

  "Oh, it's Peter. Peter Parker."

  She looked back at the screen and began typing, then looked over at him, "Yep, that's you alright. He's gonna be on the third floor, first door to your left. Take that elevator over there, just make sure to knock first before going in the room. Who knows what he's up to."

  Peter was actually pretty surprised that she just let him go freely through the tower, but it worked out in his benefit so he didn't mind. He listened to her directions and walked into the elevator, pushing the big button with a three on it. He waited as the elevator slowly lifted him up, then walked out the door as soon as it opened. He walked to the left side, standing in front of the first door.

  He didn't know if he wanted to see what was behind those doors, he wasn't even sure what to expect. For all Peter knew, Tony was dead. Or maybe he was with- no, Peter didn't want to imagine that.

  He knocked, but he didn't say anything. He didn't want Tony to know it was him. He waited a moment, when finally he heard a response.

  "It's unlocked."

  Peter smiled at the sound of his mentor's voice and opened the door, staring into the mess. Tony himself was sitting at a desk, eyes staring right at Peter. He held a bottle of alcohol, Peter couldn't tell which kind and truthfully he didn't want to know. There were papers everywhere, blueprint sketched of suit designs. There were small gadgets, pieces of metal and random helmets that Tony probably made out of boredom. All in all, it was clear that Tony Stark wasn't okay.

"Peter?" Tony frowned, though he didn't move from his desk chair. Instead he set the bottle down and crossed his arms in an attempt to seem more authoritative. "What're you doing here?"

"I'm here to make sure you're alive," He didn't really know what else to say, seeing Tony in such a weak state was so... sad. Peter almost wanted to go and hug him, but he didn't think that it would help much. Tony was never all that touchy.

  "Well, I'm alive. See you-"

  "I can't just leave you like this," Peter couldn't help but remember how his Aunt May was after Uncle Ben died. She drank a lot, cried, yelled, then there were the quiet days. Peter wondered if Tony was grieving the avengers, the disappearance of his former friends. Peter didn't know the whole story over what happened, but he knew enough to know that Tony didn't have much left in terms of friends.

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