Yn&&Princeton Imagine

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*Yn and prince been dating for 3 years and prince is in the military*


You have been sick for 2 weeks now and prince has been fighting in Iraq ... You decide to to go to the doctor ...

Doctor :Hello Mrs.Perez


Wow mrs.perez were not married yet lol


Yn:Hello Mr.smiles

Doctor:How Are you today

Yn ; okay I've been sick lately tho

*the doctor took some blood made you pee in the cup and your test results will be back tomorrow . You go visit prince mom *

Mom:Hey Baby *hugs you *

Yn:*hugs her back * hey momma

Mom:whoa Yn Your glowing

Yn:Glowing ...

Mom : Yes , just like I was when I was pregnant with Princeton

Yn : momma are you sure

Mom:yes *fills your belly* have you seen a doctor

Yn: Today

Mom:what they say

Yn:nothing yet *rubs belly*

*never in my wildest dreams did I think someone could care about me *

Yn: prince calling hold on

"Hey Bae ..Yes in with your mom.. Yes *giggles* ..aww.. Okay .. Okay .. love you more my Prince Charming "*hangs up *

Mom:what he say

Yn : he's gonna iChat me before he goes out to the drills and he loves you so much

Mom: okay baby are you staying the night ?

Yn: yes mom *kisses her cheek and grabs your things and head to prince old room

*you wake up to a iChat call and it's prince you guys talk all night your time and the doctor calls they confirm your 5 months pregnant and your first altra sound is in 2 weeks when prince gets back ...... 2 weeks passed and your huge prince rings the door bell and the maid answers it and you wobble to hug him

Prince: Damn Mami *giggles*

Yn:Shut up lol

*prince kisses your lips and forehead than rubs and kisses your belly *

*you guys find out your having a girl *

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