Classroom Of Dreams

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Well here is a new short story. So this one is going to be teacher/ student. Hope it out rates
everyone Else's teacher/student one. Lol Hoping not like anyone Else's. Well hope you all like.

Classroom of Dreams

by NaughtyPoohBear

 I hear the bell ring damn I'm late yet again. Hope Mr. Hope is not going to give me detention for being late. I was up late last night studying for his d*mn as* test. He just has to give us a test every week. Ugh I hate this class so much but I have to have the credit or I won't graduate in May. Oh well I finally made it. I reach out for the door handle and I hear a throat clear and I turn around looking at the floor. I know I'm in so much trouble. Wait they are not the ugly shoes I was used to seeing on Mr. Hope. You see he has these shoes that are nasty and  probably as old as he is,I slowly look up. I see this nice pair of jeans. Wait, what Mr. Hope does not wear jeans. Damn they are mighty fine jeans at that. They fit tight to this mans hips. Don't get me wrong but that lower body is pretty fine. Damn it's probably some older man I'm ogling, Oh yuck! I really need to find someone and get laid soon.

 So I continue to slowly look up this fine body and I see this amazing flat stomach and nice chest. I know I know don't slobber yet don't know what he looks like. I raise my eyes to see him looking at me and what do I see. Yes a Mr Yummy for my, well you get the picture, right. Damn is he fine.

He laughs telling me "close your mouth you might catch a fly." I see him smiling at me. I then realize that my mouth is wide open. I snap my mouth closed turning red. " You're late you know." he says. I look at him and say so are you. "Yep I am. You going in or are you staying out here all day." he asked me. I put my head down and walk in the room going to the back row since everyone is already seated and it's the only chair left. I put my books down and sit in the chair. I smile because he has nowhere to sit. I hear just about all the females grasp and sigh so I look up and their he is in front of the class. What the hell is he doing.

"Hi class my name is Mr. Vaughn. I'm your sub today." he tells everyone. I hear the girls sigh. My smile that I was sporting fell off my face faster than it appeared. What the hell is going on. He's so young I'm thinking. He starts talking again " Mr. Hope is unable to teach today because his wife is in the hospital." Everyone grasps because we all knew she was very sick. I'm hoping she will get better. Mr.Hope is an a*s but his wife is such a sweet lady. I notice he is still talking and I tune into what he is saying.

"I know what you all are thinking and yes I'm young to be a teacher. Well really I am. So I'll tell you all about myself then we can get on with class." he tells us. I hear everyone agreeing. "You see I'm still in college. I'm wanting to be a history teacher. So I'm interning here. So that is why I'm so young. I go to the Oklahoma University. So their you go, I am going to take roll and then we can get started. Oh and Mr, Hope said you will get the test when he gets back tomorrow if his wife is better."he says and everyone in the class cheers because we don't have a test finally.

All the girls in the class are watching him. I notice he is staring at me and I smirk at him. I see one corner of his mouth raise up, he turns around and I grasp as well as all the other girls in the class. Oh my god he has the most amazing butt in the world, I swear, all tight and firm. It's just asking to be smacked and squeezed. Damn he is so fine I would love to just lick his abs. Damn I need to visit my f*ck buddy again and soon if I'm thinking about a teacher like this. Yea yea I know he is probably only 5 years at the most older than me, but still he's a teacher.

I never noticed he was calling roll since he didn't know us. "Is Vonda Waters here?" he asked. I raise my hand and say here. He looks up and smiles at me. "I need to see you after class Miss Waters." he tells me, everyone uh and oh'd me. He stands up and starts teaching class, it's the same stuff we went over yesterday.Ugh can he come up with something better.

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